Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carl Dwayne Fleming Arrested On Weapons Charges, OOPS, Just Call Me Johnny Southside...

Creative stock photo, Polish tank at Combat Outpost Arian, Afghanistan,
blog post by John Hoff

Crocodile Dundee accent:

You call that a weapon? That's not a weapon.

Now THIS is a weapon.

I am in possession of a criminal complaint against Carl Dwayne Fleming (click here) because of a typographical error.

It was my error, I can't blame anybody else. Fleming's address is 3620 Penn Ave. SOUTH. I didn't notice he lived in South Minneapolis, not North Minneapolis, when I obtained the complaint. The address doesn't actually EXIST but that's besides the point. (Hey, wait, now there's a typographical error I can blame on SOMEBODY ELSE)

Anyway, I'm notoriously frugal and I don't want to let interesting info go to waste. So here is a link to the criminal complaint.

A silly question, after reading the complaint....

How much is 578.67 grams of marijuana? I know it's a lot but, I mean, could you CARRY that much? Would it cover a table? How many stockings could you stuff?

I am afraid I don't care much for the metric system. How many OUNCES are we talking about? How many pounds? I could do the math but it's Christmas Day and I'm just too relaxed at the moment.

Fleming is accused of being in possession of a gun (well, not just one) despite being a violent felon. Only one of the guns was cool, however (a .45) and the other one was lame.

A .22 revolver. Lame. 


Anonymous said...

That would be a little over 20 ounces or about 1.2 pounds...

Anonymous said...

No, Johnny, you are still JN. 3620 Penn South would be smack dab in the middle of Lake Calhoun!
3620 North are the condos called "North Penn Village".
All is well...Merry Christmas.