Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sampling The Hawthorne Hawkman's Ghost Pepper Bloody Mary Concotion...

Photos, blog post by John Hoff

About a week ago I paid a visit to the not-so-secret lair of the Hawthorne Hawkman and sampled the Bloody Mary with ghost peppers concoction he wrote about in early November. It's so exciting to see somebody in North Minneapolis making contributions to culture in the form of new drink recipes instead of, for example, new forms of mortgage fraud.

My verdict on Jeff's concoction (which he calls a "Bloody Laowry") is as follows: It's really more of a "daredevil drink" than a regular staple of alcoholic imbibing. That's probably one reason Jeff actually used a "Daredevil" cartoon glass when he mixed up the first publicized batch of the concoction in question. I found the drink rather on the harsh side, but not undrinkable.

Consumption of the drink confers serious bragging rights upon the imbiber, so it's well worth a one time try. I was hoping for the sensation of being unconscious from the pain while my face was also on fire, but it wasn't nearly THAT exciting.

My only real criticism is the drink needs a better name than "Bloody Laowry," which is a name that's trying to do too many things at once. It refers to the nation of Laos and also alludes to Lowry Avenue, which is a main street in North Minneapolis. However, Laos isn't the ONLY place where the peppers are grown and, really, there's no distinct connection to Lowry Avenue associated with these peppers or the drink.

I suggested the name...

..."Asian Bloodbath," but Jeff thought that was "morbid."

"Do you have any idea how morbid the name Bloody Mary is?" I retorted, without going into the entire history of Queen Mary The First (not to be confused with Mary, Queen of Scots) who was an unrelenting Papist and mass murderer. 

I don't think either Jeff's name or my name is exactly the right name for this drink. So anybody who can come up with a better name is welcome to try.

And no, "Angry Hobbit" is not going to be the winner.

Sorry, blog trolls, but I'm way ahead of you.


The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

I actually like "Angry Hobbit." But maybe simpler is better. What about just plain "The Daredevil"?

Johnny Northside! said...