Saturday, December 29, 2012

Arnaz Thompson Tried To Swallow 12 Baggies Of Cocaine, Officers Made Him Spit It Out, Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, (Mmmmm, pie) blog post by John Hoff

When Brooklyn Center police pulled over a vehicle due to its registered owner having a suspended license, the guy at the wheel (Arnaz Thompson) was speaking with a bulge in his mouth and there was "the crinkle of plastic."

Officers asked defendant to open his mouth and saw individually wrapped baggies of...

...cocaine. Click here for criminal complaint. 

Officers wanted Arnaz to spit out the baggies. Arnaz didn't want to. I am guessing the officers administered a "pro-active Heimlich manuever." That's when somebody is GOING to swallow something that will make him choke, but you save his life by grabbing him around the throat and (with as much authority as you can muster) you shout, "SPIT IT OUT! SPIT IT OUT!"

Of course, you also need to control the potential choking victim's hands and legs while you're administering the pro-active Heimlich. Some officers like to use a baton to apply pressure to the throat, others use a crook-of-the-elbow "sleeper hold." A lot of the time, however, the initial move to control the throat is the tried-and-true "hand around the throat." Well, once your hand is in position you can't really move it or the object(s) might go down the throat.

It's MUCH more complicated than a regular Heimlich maneuver. Only police officers and, from time to time, airport security should attempt this procedure.

Well, THANK GOD officers managed to save the life of potential choking victim Arnaz Thompson, DOB 4/29/81, whose address of record is 1525 Newton Ave. N., #1. The house is a rental owned by A Vison LLC of Savage, MN. This is the same address where DeCari Antonio Starr was shot down dead outside the house. That murder is still unsolved. The property was in foreclosure in 2008. 

By the way, the stuff in the baggies field tested positive for cocaine. Rather than being grateful to officers, instead Arnaz threatened them (reportedly) and tried to kick out the back window. But, frequently, potential choking victims (particularly those who try to swallow cocaine) are so emotionally worked up they can't properly express their gratitude.

So I will express thanks, instead.

THANK YOU, Brooklyn Center police, for saving the life of Mr. Thompson and not only keeping cocaine off the streets, but keeping cocaine out of the digestive tract.

NOBODY likes that other medical procedure, the "Laxative Administration And Post Bowel Movement Evidence Examination." Even worse is the "Surgical Extraction Of Cocaine Before Baggies Break And The Dude Dies." A properly applied hand-around-the-throat is so much cheaper to taxpayers than surgery. 


Anonymous said...

Why is it that suburban Cops are so much better at holding crooks accountable?

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

A Vision LLC is also the owner of a property on the 2600 block of Emerson where there has been consistent loitering near the Sheltering Arms House. The previous tenants either moved or were evicted and that vacancy combined with the temporary presence of a police camera contributed greatly to problems decreasing along that stretch.

Anonymous said...

Fucc bcpdk I beat that case cuzz them hoes was rookies so eat A dick haha lmao