Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seeking Creative Workarounds To Broken Recent Comments Widget...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

I know. I know.

JNS Blog readers miss the "recent comments" widget. This is a wider problem for a number of Blogspot users. However, in the time since the widget died quietly in its sleep, I have figured out some "workarounds" so readers who really care about recent comments won't miss out, or at least won't miss out as much...

1.) The "comments box" includes an option of receiving an email when follow up comments are posted. This may require a Blogspot profile. I'm not sure. Anyway, if there's a particularly hot topic and you want to follow the discussion, try using the "notify me" option.

2.) About 95 percent of the recent comments are on the five most recent blog posts. This has always been true. So just check to see if there are comments on the top five blog postings and jump into the discussion.

3.) Whenever you get a hankering to read recent comments, just say the following out loud:

Johnny you wrote about a black guy, so you must be a racist.

I knew the victim/ shooter / accused or convicted felon and how dare you judge him, you are not God.

Threatening and or racist comment rejected.

Grammar Nazi commentary by Johnny Northside on the correct use of possessive apostrophes. 

Telling yourself these things will alleviate 50 percent of your desire to read recent comments. As for the rest of the time, well, 1 and 2 will probably cover it.

I am still working the technical issue and trying to get a working "Recent Comments" widget. 

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