Monday, December 17, 2012

Edwaldon Fells Sent To Prison, Though Not For Long Enough...

MNDOC stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Edwaldon Fells was involved in a non-fatal shooting in North Minneapolis in which a father shielded his 3-year-old daughter from bullets. The bullets were (allegedly) fired by another guy but Fells was right there driving the getaway vehicle and the dispute which led to the shooting (incredibly) involved Fells being told he couldn't stay at a house because, well, he wasn't taking good care of the furniture.

On December 14, it appeared from jailhouse roster info this guy had been released and I wrote a story asking WTF, click here. (That story also contains the revealing criminal complaint with the facts about the shooting)

Today I've learned Fells was released. But he was released to PRISON.

Here is his mug shot, above.

Looks like his release date will be...

May of 2016?

I'm STILL asking WTF. 


Anonymous said...

I am the one who posted that he went to prison. Also this was not a fatal shooting and jail roster does not have attemped murder option.

Johnny Northside! said...

If this was not a fatal shooting, why did City Pages write this:

Fells Jr. was interviewed by police, and confirmed there was an "argument" at the residence. He admitted knocking on the doors, "yelling profanities," and challenging the victim to "come out and fight." He then heard "four to five" shots behind him, Fells Jr. said, and ran back to the white minivan.

"Let's get the fuck out of here," Freeman said, according to Fells Jr.

Both men face first-degree murder charges in addition to assault and firearm charges.

If I'm wrong, then City Pages is wrong, too. I will try to ferret out the information.

Anonymous said...

Isn't any shooting an "attempted murder" for fuck's sake?

Johnny Northside! said...

This article has been corrected. The shooting was NOT fatal. Information on City Pages about how Fells and his accomplice were charged with first degree murder led me to believe the victim ultimately died and the shooting was fatal. But that is not the case. The information on City Pages is incorrect. Correction is being made to this blog post accordingly.

JNS blog strives for accuracy and when error comes to my attention, I leap to make correction.

Stacy Young said...

This is one of the mother's of your so called story and every thing you said was wrong and not true the state repenstation was wrong from Procecution and the state was wrong and if I was rich I would be sueing the state of minnesota for defermation of character I hate the state of Minnesota for their prejudice and racist they'd have no kind of no facts and if I had the money for a lawyer I would Sue the state of Minnesota and the one writing this letter for defermation of character.

Johnny Northside! said...

In other words there's not one thing wrong with the story but you're unhappy with the verdict and you believe the verdict was wrong about your oh-so-innocent little sonny boy.

Mother love is a beautiful thing. No matter what kind of low down, guilty-as-hell dirtbag somebody may turn out to be, odds are their long-suffering mother will defend them when nobody else will.