Tuesday, December 25, 2012

More Details On Thomas Wayne Evenstad's Lawsuit Against Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment Program, Including The Name Of His Lawyer (It's NOT Jill Clark!)

MNDOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

At 2:39 AM Christmas Eve morning, this blog broke the story of Thomas Wayne Evenstad's lawsuit against  Minnesota's sex offender treatment program. The lawsuit document was forwarded by Evenstad himself, who has been intermittently (yet frequently) emailing this blogger.

Evanstad responded yesterday to questions by this blogger about the lawsuit...

Q: Who is your attorney?

A: Peter J. Nickitas.

JNS blog didn't know the name, so I did some quick digging. Peter has a law office named after himself. He is associated with a number of liberal legal causes, including fighting for the right of gay couples to marry, click here for a letter he wrote. His name has been mentioned in the same breath with the well-known Jordan Kushner and Bruce Nestor of the National Lawyers Guild, click here for an article.  

All in all, the bottom line is the Nickitas appears to be cut from the same cloth as Jordan Kushner, who may leap without hesitation to the aid of every lost cause that's left of center, but is a highly competent attorney. This guy is no Jill Clark. This guy is a decent attorney and not in the midst of a spectacular mental and career meltdown.

 Q: Is this filed in court?

A: Yes.

Q: Was the Christmas timing deliberate?

A: No (...) Friday was last day to file before the holiday.

Q: How are you going to bankroll this lawsuit?

A: In summary, Tom answers that he won't say, exactly, but makes mention of two of his businesses; one a "consulting" firm for individuals labeled sexually violent predators, and the other based on his patented men's underwear which provide extra support to a man's genitals while still having the stylist look of boxers, and also can deal with light to moderate incontinence. That wasn't the parody font, in case you're wondering.

And now an editorial comment...

This is what comes of Minnesota's public caterwauling and oh-so-concerned little committees about how to reform the state's sex offender program. This process has been open to the public, including the offenders themselves. Flaws with the program have been discussed openly and put in the public record.

So why wouldn't the state expect one of these deviant and manipulative offenders to seize upon a golden opportunity to file a lawsuit? And most likely cite stuff in the public record as evidence they've been wronged? And keep the lawsuit alive in the court system for years until they can shake out a settlement?

This is what comes of our state's so-called leaders failing to understand and grasp the true nature of sex offenders, and to insist on dealing with sex offender treatment and incarceration issues as though these are individuals capable of treatment and reform instead of whole new levels of leverage and manipulation the minute a sympathetic eye is cast in their direction. 


Anonymous said...

How interesting that the Grand Master of the Freemasons Lake Harriet Lodge should represent the "Chat Line Rapist" who has made it his business to consult and protect sexual predators.


I guess the Masons ain't what they used to be.

Anonymous said...

John, you just get dumber and dumber each day, don't you? So jealous, so vindictive, so lonely.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he could be a boy scout leader, a catholic priest, a republican homophobe who is a homo, or any one of peter(anus eater) stephensens relatives. Pretty goddam creepy in any sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Is mild incontinence a colorful metaphor for premature ejaculation? Sounds like this guy is designing underwear for pedophiles watching kids from a distance.

Johnny Northside! said...

So graphic yet so thought provoking.

But is "premature ejaculation" the right term? Isn't more accurate to say, how shall I put it, somebody jizzed in their pants?

And on that note...

Here's a song. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced the POS is designing jizz pants for him and his fellow shitbags as a giant haha to society.
Are people blind? How has no parole officer considered this before? This was my immediate conclusion after reading the sex offender's so-called contribution to fashion is centered on providing comfort for his damp, dribbling genitalia.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter who submitted a long comment about Evanstad, could you email me? And send me some proof of what you're saying? In regard to the television show you are referencing, do you remember which one it was? The name of the woman you are mentioning?

I am withholding your comment for now but it is NOT rejected.

Johnny Northside! said...

Also, you wouldn't happen to have one of the resumes in question?

Johnny Northside! said...

To my behind the scenes commenter: thank you for your communication. Look, if you can get me something, anything, that I can document as a fact. This guy is lawyered up so I have to be careful.

Anonymous said...

1) You have something against gay people getting married?

2) Being a Grand Master of a Masonic Lodge is an elected honor bestowed on individuals who have shown exceptional ethics. As an attorney he can represent any client he chooses, and that should not have any reflection on his ethics. Doctors have to treat rapists, and lawyers represent criminals.
Slandering Peter Nickitas and maligning the Masons is a despicable act, and shows that this blog is tabloid trash.