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Little Dribbles Of Information About Eric Yusef Mahmoud And His Mortgage Fraud In Georgia...

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Eric Yusef Mahmoud is the driving force behind SEED Academy/Harvest Prep, an institution which has received a lot of auditing and scrutiny of late. The fact Mahmoud was involved in a mortgage fraud in Georgia and took some kind of plea deal is a matter of public record, with the longest narrative account (oddly enough) contained in a bond document for his school. (Click here for previous story)

I've been trying to turn up more info about the specifics of what happened. Luckily, I don't have to do it all by myself. Certain alert readers love to dig behind the scenes and send me the fruit of their research...

This link goes to online information in the Gwinnet County court system showing information about "Eric Mahmoud."

I get the feeling this system is just as twitchy as our own local MNCIS system, but with some effort I can pull off information.

Procedural history is shown for 5 defendants, Eric Mahmoud as well as Andrew John Frint, John Besal Okey, Terri Ann Jones, and Huey Pierce Blake.

Three of the defendants (Frint, Okey, and Blake) eventually received a "nolle prosequi," which is when the prosecutor decides not to pursue the matter. But Mahmoud and Jones both pleaded out.

Buried somewhere in the court info is a local address for Mahmoud: 9416 Dogwood Ave., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. One real estate site estimates the value of this property to be $315,100.

The address is connected to an entity called Pious Ventures with Dr. Ella Mahmoud. In 2006, this entity organized a Gospel Music event. Click here for info.

Here's something really interesting. In case number 05W-05775, the following notation appears:

  • 06/15/2005 - Affidavit Of Indigence - Defendant

Oh, really? He was INDIGENT in 2005? Hmmmmm. Keep in mind the same address in Brooklyn Park is listed as Mahmoud's home address.

The digging continues.


Johnny Northside! said...

More oddness, but I'm just putting it in a comment.

The cases on the Georgia court site show one of the five arrested in Georgia for mortgage fraud having a different name than all other reports I have seen. Pull up Case Number: 08-B-02636-10 STATE VS BLAKE ETAL.

Note the defendant Frint, Andrew John, instead of Raymond Lewis Stewart, the other defendants are the same as shown here and everywhere else:

Hmmm. How to account for this?

Johnny Northside! said...

To my behind-the-scenes commenter.

Well, what would be REALLY interesting would be that affidavit of indigence and seeing what Eric said on it.

Anonymous said...

Would the filer have to declare any vehicles on it?

Anonymous said...

I hear that. you are the klan

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter asking about vehicles, who provided a link to the following info about what Eric drives:

2003 BMW X5, with license plates, "PIOUS"

We don't know when that vehicle was purchased. However, the affidavit of indigence from Georgia is probably full of all kinds of interesting information.

To the previous commenter, that's just stupid.

Johnny Northside! said...

A reader sent me this comment:
I went through all the financial documents that are attached to the file at and could not find any mention of who the tenant was that did not pay rent.

Anonymous said...

And that vehicle is parked outside the school what