Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zenas K. Farkarlun Charged With Aggravated First Degree Robbery, Has Extensive Record...

Facebook photo of Zenas Farkarlun, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism
I don't know if Zenas Farkarlun is any relation to false accuser of police Trisha Farkarlun, but Zena's surname caught my attention as I was looking through the jail roster. And then it turned out Zenas has a North Minneapolis address.

Well, that's good enough...

Zenas has been sitting in jail since September 15, charged with fleeing police and also aggravated first degree robbery. Click here for the criminal complaint on the robbery charges. 

Allegedly, Zenas was involved in a beat down style robbery near 6th St. South and Hennepin Avenue. An adult male, whose initials are FB, had scratches and abrasions on his face with police arrived. FB had been hit in the face while walking downtown, then beaten by three men while curled into a ball. The men took FB's phone and wallet.

Luckily, a security guard observed the robbery on film. Police officers were able to apprehend the three alleged robbers, who are Zenas Karmoh Farkarlun, Eric Lamont Guy, Jr., and  Teigre Ramone Collins.

Zenas, whose birthday is 4/2/87, reportedly lives at 519 Penn Ave. N. This address is a homesteaded property with the owner listed as James E. Snoddy and the taxpayer listed as Anna L. Snoddy.

Any relation to Tynessia Snoddy, who is now Tynessia Thompson?

I don't know. But the name catches my attention.

There is only one Zenas Farkarlun on Facebook, and since the "Facebook Farkarlun" is from North Minneapolis and graduated from North High in 2007, he seems like the same guy. (Though he would have been about 20 years old when he joined the illustrious roll call of North High graduates, and when I say "illustrious" I mean, well, many of them have become illustrious right here on this blog)

Here are two more photos of Zenas from Facebook, below.

Zenas has an extensive rap sheet, and here it is.

Not all of these charges may represent convictions.

27-CR-05-009970 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 02/17/2005 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed ASSAULT IN THE SECOND DEGREE

27-CR-05-020908 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 04/12/2005 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed PROHIBITED PERSON IN POSSESSION OF A FIREARM

27-CR-07-110255 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 09/06/2007 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed FLEEING A PEACE OFFICER BY A MEANS OTHER THAN A MOTOR VEHICLE

27-CR-08-28545 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 06/11/2008 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Traffic - DWI - Fourth-Degree Driving While Impaired; Described

27-CR-08-32600 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 07/01/2008 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Drive While Under the Influence of Alcohol-3rd Degree Drive with an Alcohol Concentration of 0.08 or More-3rd Degree Driving After Revocation

27-CR-08-34125 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 07/10/2008 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Koch, William H. Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Attempted 1st Deg.Aggravated Robbery

02-CR-08-9023 02060824052 02060824052 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 07/16/2008 Anoka Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed LICENSE-DRIVING AFTER REVOCATION UNREGISTERED-CERTIFICATE REVOKED

27-CR-12-2919 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 01/31/2012 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Domestic Assault-Misdemeanor-Commits Act With Intent to Cause Fear of Immediate Bodily Harm or Death Domestic Assault-Misdemeanor-Intentionally Inflicts/Attempts to Inflict Bodily Harm Disorderly Conduct-Offensive/Abusive/Noisy/Obscene Obstruct Legal Process-Interfere w/Peace Officer

27-CR-12-5666 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 02/27/2012 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Give Peace Officer False Name/Birthdate/ID Card Drugs - Possess/Sale Small Amount of Marijuana - No Remuneration Drugs - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - Use or Possession

27-CR-12-12025 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 04/16/2012 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Assault-5th Degree-Fear of Bodily Harm or Death Drugs - Possess/Sale Small Amount of Marijuana - No Remuneration

27-CR-12-17114 FARKARLUN, ZENAS KARMOH 04/02/1987 05/22/2012 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Trespass-Return to Property Within One Year

In summary, decent people should rejoice this man is temporarily off the streets. 


Naysayer said...

Wow! Talk about a poster child for hyper-masculine thugishness. His poses are a carefully cultivated cartoon of a caricature that borders on a parody. Isn't this just what Cornel West warned us about in Nihilism in Black America? The sad part is that incarceration seems to be the only way that society has to deal with this cultural affliction.

Anonymous said...

I would put this bitch on the cover of "Prostitution Animated" and then ask him how many animals he has mated. You know... never mind, silly fuck deserves no more.

Johnny Northside! said...

Incredibly graphic and off color comment rejected.

Clean it up, people. I know you're critical of this guy in the story, and you have a right to be, but there's criticism and then there's just filth that pollutes the mind of those who would read it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's right where these photos indicate he wants to be: Jail. A sad life indeed.

Anonymous said...

i thought all of the debris from the tornado had been removed. oh, i forgot that cockroaches no die easy. cleen nuf?

Anonymous said...

jonn jonn, pleese pwint wut i say cuz i fogot if i mental it

Anonymous said...

Why do you only post about minorities? Your not racist are you Johnny Boy?


Folwell Neighbor said...

I love how he's playing the circle game in that main blog shot (google circle game if you're not familiar with it).
That's so badass, lol.

Anonymous said...

My understanding of the gangsta thing about the low slung pants with drawers showing, is from a tendency in some holding situations for custodial authorities to seize belts to curb possible hangings, use as a weapon, etc.

That then has the detained gangsta walking without a belt, and the pants slip and it is the look of one who has been in a beef with the law, to walk outside on the streets that way.

But then, isn't it pretending to go low slung on the pants, while using a belt to be careful to not drop trousers entirely and trip repeatedly while walking or trying to and looking wholly absurd in the process?

If you intend to wear a belt, level the pants comfortably, which is normally, and end the posing.

Or am I wrong?

It just looks real wannabe. A style with a history, where the style is imitated and posed without the history having any true say.

Ditch the belt or pull up the trousers; or, again, am I wrong?

steve said...

i just want to say that zenas is soft and weak, is a little girl and also a punk. someone please pass this info on to him for me

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this used to be my boyfriend.

Johnny Northside! said...

Well, he certainly has that bad boy thing happening. What more can you tell us about him?

Anonymous said...

Fuck all yall bitches and get off my bro.dick!! Get a fucking life

Anonymous said...

O Wow you must really have no motherfucking life to just sit down and judge people. Trust and believe there's no bitch in Zenas and as for Trisha she don't got shit to lie about. The police know what the fuck they did. They are meant to serve and protect the community but instead they let a little bit of authority amp their head up. SMH I guarantee ALOT of the people making all these negative comments don't got shit to say in Zenas face or be ridding his dick hella hard!!!