Thursday, December 27, 2012

Admitted Gang Member Had Three Assault Rifles And A Luger Pistol At 1901 26th Ave. N., Say Prosecutors, But Wait Until You Read What Else JNS Blog Dug Up...

Stock photo, taken at Combat Outpost Arian, Afghanistan, blog 
post by John Hoff

On December 19, police executed a search warrant at 1901 26th Ave. N. They were looking for Craig Allen Bell and found him in an upstairs bedroom. They also found three SKS assault rifles (different than the three military weapons pictured above, but similar in important ways) and a Luger .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Bell reportedly admitted to being a member of the (Almighty) "Black P Stones" gang, a name which has come up lately in association with a gang war that appears to be taking place in North Minneapolis. Since Bell has a felony drug conviction from 1998, he is prohibited from possessing a weapon, let alone an arsenal. Click here for the criminal complaint. 

Bell said he was the only one living there, however...

In September of this year a case in Wisconsin listed the house as the address of a Phillip Mims. The house is, however, owned by Craig Bell himself and was purchased in March of 2004. It shows up as the address of an entity called New Age Urban Development, which sounds dubious as hell.

The Minnesota Secretary of State's Office lists an entity called New Age Urban Development Construction which is at the same address and in good standing. This business entity was created in June of 2004.

A website run by The Liberator magazine says New Age Urban Development organization was put together by "ex-offenders and youth striving to make a difference in their lives." The organization supposedly teaches "computer, teen pregnancy" (sic) and started out teaching kids how to box. The organization, which uses the initials NAUD, (pronounced "nude?") has a Facebook page littered with bad punctuation and spelling, as follows:


To assist our community with uplifting programs for todays youth
New Age Urban Development is a non-profit org. that is didicated to serving our under provileged youth. We offer a variety of programs for the upliftment of our community. jWe specialize in offering the type of programming that offers structue and discipline while also encouraging self sufficiency. We welcome you to come and check out our programs.
General Information
Non-Profit Oragnization
The organization has a fairly developed website at!about

Assault rifles allegedly turning up at the address of a purported North Minneapolis youth organization is a rather big deal.

I hope this blog isn't the only media entity paying attention.


Anonymous said...

When is the City of Minneapolis going to pull it's head out of it's Ass concerning rental licensing to all these bogus non-profits and start holding individuals responsible for what goes on at the addresses that impact our community?

Johnny Northside! said...

There's actually no rental license. He owns the house. As for the entity being a bogus non-profit, well, it's bogus in a lot of ways. As far as I can tell, it's technically not a non-profit but just an assumed business name. But the term "non-profit" was thrown around pretty freely like it really was a non-profit.

This kind of thing couldn't work if there weren't well-meaning people with naive, starry eyes willing to support this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Is Don Allen more a "non-profit" individual than he'd like to be?

Not that the question is related or on point, except only to highlight "non-profit" is an elastic enough term to be stretched many ways.

You did not mention running any WHOIS. It might be productive.

Last, my bet is the report is wrong, and it should be Ruger .22 calibre, not Luger.

The AG regulates actual registered Minnesota non-profits, per Hatch's inquiries while AG, into some health provider non-profits, as an example. I doubt that level of AG registration, etc., applies here.

So, could you try to sic Lori Swanson onto this thing? Worth the effort?

Anonymous said...

Wait I know this guy has done alot for the community and for you to say he is a bad person is a citizen of the usa we have the right to bear arms and in this case a person has a right to protect his home considering the neighborhood he is in I would rather get judge by twelve than carried by six ... anyday

Johnny Northside! said...

No, actually this guy DOESN'T have a right to bear arms because he is a convicted felon. But if you want to say he has done a lot for the community, please, tell us. Because based on this arrest, his organization is not looking good.

Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like a recruiter.His non-profit opperation sounds like the perfect place to meet "underprivledged",possible troubled ,impressionable youths. How do you suppose these gangs get thier numbers in the tens and thousands, well I'm sure some are born into it, the rest ???? And their all supporting each other though crime and terrorism. As a homeowner in North MPLS with children this pisses me off. Shut it down! Thanks for blogging on this hopefully we all as a community and a county can become more enlightened to these issues, before it spreads any further.

Horst said...

"upliftment" is the funniest non-word i've heard in a long time

Johnny Northside! said...

The word for what you call a "non-word" is a "neologism."

Heck, I come up with neologisms, too. But I'm not under some kind of illusion that I just used a real word. Rather, I'm just being creative.

What's funny (or sad) about the use of "upliftment" in that sentence, above, is how the writer is blissfully unaware "upliftment" is not really a word.

Anonymous said...

Another buddy of Jerry Moore's and recipient of JACC funds under the Meyers-Smith-Moore regime. In fact his girlfriend was on the JACC board for a couple of years.

Johnny Northside! said...

What is the name of the girlfriend?

miss007 said...

I love the sleuthing. Long live truth.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this really saddens the heart of those that have been a recipient of the great work that N.A.U.D has provided to the community. I would also like to share the fact that i am a parent and my child has been exposed to the boxing program (which he FURTHER learnt about his ability to use discipline, and how to use self defences in a constructive manner, being it takes a village to raise a child); community block parties (which were very entertaining, enriching, and well needed for the community); as well as the back to school supply give away that they had. I also seen a few familiar political faces that where in attendance, and seemingly pleased that someone else had taken the initiative to provide a safe, fun filled, educating, event in that neighbourhood that has been through such turmoil. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Unlike some people i can only speak on things that i have SEEN with my own eyes. To bash a individual for doing such great things (being you asked for specifics) is a unjust act to our community. I'm a little taken by the fact that a statement was made about Mr. Bell admitting to being an active gang member and if that was to be true, then why has there been a decrease in gang activities(crime over all)in that neighbourhood. One would think that if an active gang moved in that the neighbourhood that the level of crime would have been reversed(increased).
As i read the report i have yet to find the initial cause for the warrant, smh...I give applause to ALL Organisations that commit to making the community a better place for our families, to all a blessed evening!

Johnny Northside! said...

Right, like I'm not supposed to shake my head and judge when ASSAULT RIFLES turn up at the house of a convicted criminal.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all of you dumb bitches in Minneapolis. We will implement what has worked for years here in Chi-Town and, as we speak, will shove it down your white throats and there is not a goddamn thing you can do about it.