Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Highly Placed, Reliable Government Source Confirms Northside "Also Ran" Troy Parker Is The Same Troy Parker Shot By Darryl Colbert Under Dubious Circumstances...

Photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by
John Hoff

This blog was not the first media entity to raise the question of whether Troy Everett Parker, frequent "also ran" for North Minneapolis political office, was the same Troy Parker shot by Darryl Colbert under dubious and disreputable circumstances vividly described in State v. Colbert, click here for that case.

No, that question was first raised by the Mpls Mirror, an execrable little media entity which, all the same, might be somewhat like the clock which has stopped but is still right twice a day.

Due to a belief political alliances might shift and the material on the Mirror site could disappear, this blogger took the trouble to preserve a series of "loaded questions" the Mirror directed at Troy Parker, (click here for that blog post) including the question about whether "our" Troy Parker is the same guy described in State v. Colbert.

This blog is now able to confirm...

Yes, it's the same Troy Parker. Word is Darryl Colbert, who is sitting in prison for a murder, has been quite open and has communicated that it's the same Troy Parker. Word is Troy Parker HIMSELF has casually admitted he's the same guy. And a highly placed, reliable government source has confirmed to me it's the same Troy Parker.

The next time Troy Parker runs for office, readers might want to look hard at the circumstances in State v. Colbert.

What drama is contained in this Supreme Court ruling! There are two different shootings or, arguably, three since control of a gun changed hands as the result of a struggle between Parker and Colbert. It's Colbert's testimony that Parker asked Colbert to "cook up some crack." My favorite part, though, is actually a little detail about how Colbert was dressed on the night he murdered a guy named Robert Mitchell. One witness says Colbert was wearing a long, trench style coat that might have been made out of cashmere and a fedora.

No wonder Parker was hanging out with Colbert, at least until Colbert tried to kill Parker. Both Parker and Colbert have that "flash I didn't earn by hard work" sense of style.

Notably, the gun which shot Troy Parker "in the back of the leg" was the same gun used in the murder of victim Robert Mitchell.

Some people get religion after a near death encounter like that.

What does Troy Parker do? Runs for office repeatedly, figuring he's fit to lead our neighborhood.

He is not. 


Anonymous said...

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Johnny Northside! said...

A comment that is both threatening and racist has been rejected.

To the commenter I say, I am no fan of Troy Parker, either. Obviously. But what you are saying is just crude and lacks intelligence. You are better than that.

Johnny Northside! said...

A comment rejected that is racist. I had to go to Wikipedia and look up "Stymie" (a character from the old Our Gang series) just to understand what the comment was driving at.

What does the content of Troy's character have to do with his race? Please quit focusing on his race in your comments.