Thursday, December 27, 2012

Michelle Gross And Dave Bicking's Lawsuit Against Former CRA Chair Donald Bellfield Could Be Dismissed January 22...

Creative stock photo, (Forward Operating Base Gardez) blog post by John Hoff

Today a little birdie (not pictured above) dropped some information my way about the lawsuit filed by activists Michelle Gross and Dave Bicking against Donald Bellfield, the former chair of the Civilian Review Authority which reviewed police conduct issues.

I say "reviewed" and not "reviews" because the CRA has been revised and replaced with a different entity, a fact that's neither here nor there in terms of Michelle Gross and Dave Bicking suing Donald Bellfield for defamation, one of Jill Clark's favorite tricks.

The lawsuit...

...(which was even more baseless than attorney Jill Clark's usual standard) fared quite badly in the courts. It's fair to say right now the suit is in the "should plaintiff pay defendant's attorney fees?" phase of last ditch appeal efforts.

These three documents linked below are a snapshot of the suit in these sad, waning days of dark winter. The very last document is an order saying, in summary, file something by January 22 with or without your attorney Jill Clark or your appeal is dismissed.

Document One, STRIKE ONE!

Document Two, STRIKE TWO!

Document Three, it's the windup, and the PITCH!!!!! 

This is, of course, a prime example of how Jill Clark's messy psychiatric issues have left her clients sucking for air in the watery metaphorical depths. 

Anybody care to take bets whether ANYTHING will get filed by January 22? One of Jill Clark's latest filings makes reference to Michelle Gross p***ing and moaning about court filing fees. This may provide a convenient justification to file nothing.

But the wheels of justice will grind forth, either way, and it's not looking pretty Bicking and Gross. 

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