Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: New Trouble For "Pete The Pedophile?"

This Is What Happens When You're Drunker Than Neighborhood Leaders Who Get Momentary Possession Of Your Camera

A respected community leader in the Jordan Neighborhood passed on a very interesting piece of information about Pete Rickmyer, a.k.a. Pete The Pedophile, a Level II Sex Offender who is the annoying bane of the Jordan Area Community Council. Some days back word reached me Pete had filed some kind of appeal in regard to the denial of his attempt to get a temporary restraining order against some of the JACC leadership, a matter this blog reported on.

Well, today, according to dependable information, Pete's probation officer Will McDonald was seen at Pete's house, displaying a badge upon entry...

When Will McDonald left, he was seen to be carrying what appeared to be a Central Processing Unit (CPU) which is basically the heart and brain of any modern computer. To analyze what has been happening on a computer, you only need the CPU.

As a Level III sex offender, Pete is not allowed to be on computers but (based on stuff Pete recently filed in court) Pete is apparently obsessed with this blog being an "agent" of the Jordan Area Community Council. Uh huh. Well, if I'm an "agent" then my "principal" needs to pay me in something more than grilled burgers and green tea ginger ale.

I'm just saying.

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