Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo Surfaces Of 3020 6th St. N. Evacuation...

Yup, It's A Photo

A low quality but perfectly adequate photo has surfaced of the evacuation of 3020 6th St. N., during which the druggie denizens of that address simply moved shop over to 3007 3rd St. N., carting off their nasty mattresses, ewwwwww. 

Of course, if citizens had the ability to search City of Minneapolis property records by "name of owner" as search criteria, we would have known SEVEN MONTHS AGO about who owned 3007 3rd St. N., and how that house needed to be on our neighborhood radar or it could become another crack house like 3020 6th St. N.

Anyway, if anybody (such as the police, cough cough) needs an image documenting what I and others witnessed--that the denizens of 3020 6th St. N. simply moved their stuff to 3007 3rd St. N.--here's a photo from that night to back up eyewitness accounts.

Yes, citizens need this ability to easily, efficiently search out "bad actor" property owners. But as tough as our struggle may be at times, let there be no doubt about one thing: We are winning. We are kicking butt. And the results at 3020 6th St. N. are a major piece of evidence to prove this assertion. As pictured here, the thugs and druggies pack up and move like desert nomads, their beds literally out in the street.

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Jeanie Hoholik said...

You're a photography snob!

Johnny Northside said...

Trust me, the source of the photo had the same feelings about the photo and might ALSO be called a photography snob.