Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drug Traffic Stronghold Falls Hard...

Contributed Photo 

Here is an image forwarded to me of 3020 6th St. N., the drug traffic stronghold in the heart of the Hawthorne Eco Village redevelopment cluster project, now utterly vacant and fallen to the forces of neighborhood revitalization....

How many days, weeks, months did we watch the person we called "The Sentry" standing at this doorway, selectively letting in drug traffic? He would latch and unlatch the door, a primitive but effective enough security system. Turns out the "eye and hook" device didn't even have an eye, merely a couple nails.

As my contributor asked, rhetorically, "How often was this hook unhooked for a hooker?"

But now the mighty fortress has been breached, and we see how pathetic and desperate its defenses actually were. From the other side of the captured door, we see what "The Sentry" saw over and over, we stand in his shoes, and the fortress is no longer in their hands. We can, if we wish, take triumphant trophy photos.

At some point I will grow tired of crowing about the fall of 3020 6th St. N.

But clearly not yet.

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Anonymous said...

Keep crowing about this one! And keep telling the story of "The Fall of The Devil", too... How's Evannor's "new" property situation coming along??? Telling the blogosphere about this and other "problem properties" shines the light of public attention onto them.