Friday, July 10, 2009

Update: Body Found Near The Jordan Pond On Fourth Of July (Summer Visitation 2009)

People are asking it. People in the neighborhood are saying it, even in a comment on this blog. It's not like me to ignore something like that:

A man's dead body was inside 2818 Morgan Ave. N. for as long as three weeks. This happened though the sister of the man lived very nearby, click here.

So what's up with THAT?

Only a couple days later, the humble possessions of Charles Lindemans were hitting the garbage...

Walking around the Jordan Pond with my son and a friend's big, friendly Rottweiler, we couldn't help notice the big pile of belongings that were tossed out in the back. Normally, I'm the world's most enthusiastic dumpster diver but this was a grim, notorious incident in which I myself had been dragged in through my blogging.

Best to just leave the junk alone, I thought. What do I need with magazines from the 1980s?

A couple days after our little walk with the Rottweiler, my son pointed to a house with an overgrown, grassy lawn and wondered aloud whether there might be a dead body inside.

And what am I supposed to say? "Of course not, son?"

The answer appears to be "Who can tell?"

One can't help but think how it would be helpful to know one's neighbors and be on good terms with those neighbors. But, of course, that requires good neighbors who wouldn't, for example, try to rob the dead.


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