Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: "No Fair, Do Over" Lawsuit By JACC "Old Majority" Warms Up Leftover Claims...

Photo By John Hoff

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the neighborhood, members of the self-proclaimed "pro-community" JACC faction have filed a "second amended complaint" lawsuit, news this blog already broke exclusively. While adding some new plaintiffs and jazzing up its whiney list of petty gripes, the lawsuit is still pretty much a sequel.

Collateral estoppel? 

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Here is a link to the lawsuit in PDF form, click here.

A few observations I'd like to note...

Incredible as it may sound, the lawsuit demands the duly-elected "New Majority" members currently running JACC should "stop harassing" the "Old Majority" members. Yes, the same folks who continue to clog the court system with their, well, baseless legal crap. Who is harassing who, here?

This psycho lawsuit sequel should have been written in "Fatal Attraction" bunny blood and end with the words "If we can't have JACC nobody else can, either." Unable to obtain leadership by legal and democratic means, the members of the "Old Majority" such as Ben Myers and Ethylon Brown are determined to cripple the organization by constant litigation...in this case, it's pretty much the same bullcrap which has already been tried in court, quite unsuccessfully.

This warmed up leftover lawsuit shows the sick, obsessive depths to which these much-thwarted loser plaintiffs are willing to stoop and the only thing more incredible is they've found a lawyer to assist. But, hey, that is just my opinion. Anybody who likes can read the lawsuit and draw their own conclusions. At least somebody made more of an effort to avoid typos with this one. Woo hoo! Stellar! Clap...clap....clap. 

Oh, in regard to the picture...I didn't have a good photo to illustrate, so this is a random image I snapped on my Kentucky road trip of a truck stop liquor store. I asked where I could find booze produced locally and I was pointed to, like, several shelves. Here is one of the shelves.

Cheers! Here's to the ongoing JACC soap opera, now in a whole new season! All the old characters, and some new! Who will control the neighborhood organization? Will the missing Blackberry device ever be found? AND WHAT IS THAT WEIRD THING ATTORNEY JILL CLARK DOES WITH HER FACE?!

Tune in to Johnny Northside Dot Com for the most exclusive inside information. Nobody beats this blog in its coverage of JACC drama. NOBODY!!!!


Anonymous said...

So people are allowed to file the same frivolous and harassing lawsuit over and over again without limit? Something's broken here.

Johnny Northside said...

The first lawsuit was an attempt to get a restraining order. They couldn't even get THAT. The hearing over the restraining order went on and on, forever, and they couldn't even get THAT.

But now instead of giving up, they just go and file stuff over again which is very, very much the same stuff asking for permanent injunctions, etc. with a straight face as though they have a prayer.

But hopefully some smart lawyer can file a motion for dismissal--mention that key phrase "collateral estoppel" a few times to earn the fat lawyer fees--and the whole sick bunny-boiling exercise in legalistic madness will crawl away under a rock.

The Mortgage Geek said...

I like how they're asking for a jury trial. The fact that they honestly believe they can find twelve random people who will wind up swallowing this stuff is quite laughable. Or it would be if it didn't impede neighborhood progress so much.

Let's hope that we can find a way to stop the frivolity once and for all so that we can get to the hard work of revitalization.

Anonymous said...

The plaintiffs are acting like they think that winning one of these lawsuits is their only chance at staying out of jail for stealing the community's office equipment. If so, I certainly hope that they're right about THAT.

MeganG. said...

I'm hoping for a jury trial too - Johnny Northside does a fabulous job of covering juries, describing their wardrobe, assigning nicknames and detailing their personality traits. It's like the northside John Grisham!