Monday, February 22, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Level Three Sex Offender Brooks Daniel Fisher Is Moving Into 4601 Queen Ave. N., Neighbors Notified...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Currently, there are 20 Level 3 sex offenders in the 55411 zip code. That number will soon be 21. Word comes that a Level 3 offender is moving into 4601 Queen Ave. N., a rental property owned by "GN & RE Mohinani" of 4760 Dawnview Terrace, Golden Valley.

The sex offender is named...

Brooks Daniel Fisher, his date of birth is October 31, 1960. Trick or treat.

The usual community meeting is planned at the Webber Community Center, 4400 Dupont Ave. N.

I received this information after putting out a request to get the specific addresses of all Level 3 sex offenders in North Minneapolis, which I intend to publish, one-by-one. It is with a sense of dismay that I learn how many sex offenders have accumulated in the 55411 zip code. Our public officials appear unable to act to limit their numbers by, for example, passing laws about how close a sex offender can live to ANOTHER sex offender.

Therefore, in the next weeks or months, I intend to dedicate a blog post to each of the sex offenders. If anybody has information about these individuals--such as their specific address, whether they appear to be abiding by their probation, their delightful hobbies and interests (sarcasm font) then the blog post will be a forum for that kind of thing.

So. Brooks Daniel Fisher. Here is a link to what appears to be the criminal case, click here.

Here is what the Fourth Precinct has to say about him, click here.

Oh, here, check it out. It looks like Crow Wing County managed to keep him from moving in, click here. So where did he end up? North Minneapolis, of course.

This needs to end. I say bring this "sex offender over population problem" out in the open, with details and commentary. So if you have anything to say about BROOKS DANIEL FISHER, whether it be right after this post is published or even years from now, please leave your comment. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

21 is to many, I say stick them all into a space shuttle and send them all to the moon or hell just get rid of them all by firing squads .... they need to be cleansed from the face of the earth might help out with some of the population control... good for the environment.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

While I agree we are over-saturated here, I do NOT agree with the tactic of publishing the exact addresses. I think that carries too much of a risk of the villagers storming the castle with pitchforks and torches, so to speak.

I know some would say that "everyone deserves a second chance." Well, no, there are times when your actions and/or mental state mean you do not get that second chance. Along those lines, I'm perfectly comfortable with T-Paw's proposals to lock up level 3's for much, much longer. Keep 'em locked up, as far as I'm concerned.

But that is not the current system. These people have been deemed ready to re-enter society (albeit on a VERY tight leash). I also highly doubt the likelihood of passing a law regulating how close sex offenders can live to each other. First and foremost, can anyone point to evidence that such a setting increases recidivism?

I'm not sure what the solution is just yet for us being over-saturated here in NoMi, but I strongly disagree with this particular tactic.

Anonymous said...

21 is way too many. Why do we continue to receive these people? I have a child and need to know the faces of these disturbed folks.

After reading this from the press release, how can we deny any further peder-asses from living in North Mpls?

"Through a chain of events, the
pre-arranged housing for Brooks Fisher was denied by the Department of Corrections."

FastnFurious said...

Sorry Jeff to disagree but I think the address should be included. With a little effort, it can be found on the police website anyways. I like that you're including info on the property owner. It will be interesting to see if there are any patterns with who's renting to these offenders.

Anonymous said...

this address is in 55412.

Anonymous said...

To add to your thoughts. I agree with what you're saying. However, I believe we're getting a very mixed-message from our government on this issue.

I find it somewhat interesting that if I were to brutally murder someone, be convicted and serve my time in prison, that I would be paroled (or outright released if I had served the entire sentence) and be free to go about my own business.

Yet, if I committed a Level III sex offense, was fund guilty and served my time, the community is notified of my release. As we all know, this is due to the recidivism rates associated with this type of offender.

Sentencing guidelines for Level III sex offenders DO need to be stiffened, until there's some sort of empirical evidence that indicates these guys can live in society without re-offending.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage the neighborhood associations to invite or welcome the police and representatives from the Department of Community Corrections in Hennepin County to start some dialogue about the sex offenders, not only in NoMi, but also in other parts of City, County and State. Perhaps it can be explained that notification is a good thing and what the DOC is doing to watch these offenders.

Anonymous said...

sex offenders move here for a number of reasons, most of which are purely economic:

1. it's cheap;
2. it's close to transit;
3. it's close to work;
4. someone will rent to them.

Which of these can we change first?

If you want to change the concentration of LIII offenders in NoMi, start by changing the landlords' willingness to rent to them.

Johnny Northside said...

First of all, I want to make it clear I strongly disagree with the "put 'em on the space shuttle" idea, as well as the summary execution idea.

The space shuttle thing is just completely ineffective. Where would they go? It's not like we have colonies on Mars, yet, where they can mine...whatever it will one day be worth mining on Mars.

As for execution, well, that is rather politically inelegant, and sophomoric in its simplicity. It's the kind of thing a 17-year-old might come up with in social studies class, but not something grown up political thinkers should articulate. (Though if such execution were the law of the land, and it were my duty to pull the trigger, I would not shirk from my duty and I would sleep like a baby)

All the same...

I think Level Three Sex offenders should be made to live in isolated rural locations, with high tech ankle monitors that, um, explode if they go beyond a certain boundary.

Let them grow their own veggies, improve their own property leased from the state--most likely abandoned, tax-forfeited prairie homes or places out in the desert--and live free of phone, internet, etc. They can be given supplies every so often like, well, nails.

Yeah, that should about do it. Nails. Need a hammer? Use a rock, you perv.

I think my solution is merciful, socially useful, and elegant. Well, maybe we don't need to implement the exploding ankle thing right away. Maybe it's like, "three strikes and you have to wear the explodey thing."

But now let me address this canard--and it is indeed hyperbole and a canard--that printing specific Level Three sex offender addresses will produce an instant lynch mob.

It will not. These folks are already known to be on certain blocks and no mob forms. Being more specific about the address will be helpful in terms of keeping track, figuring out who the scummy landlords are, etc. The state may be limited in what it will publish, but there is no law against me publishing the info for purely community-minded purposes.

Furthermore, many (but not ALL) people on those blocks will already know where the sex offender lives. And yet no mob forms. Really, who would be most likely to form the mob? It would be the people right there who ALREADY KNOW where the guy lives. Yet they don't.

I published the address of Junaid Maalik--who was a Level Three AT THAT TIME--and no mob formed. Though it is instructive to note this guy was holding a job he was not supposed to be holding, since he'd lied to his employer to get that job and, really, do you want Level Three sex offenders to be your friendly local COURIER SERVICE? I don't think so.

And that's exactly my point. In the two instances where a Level Three has come to my attention, it has been a case of OFFICIAL MONITORING FAIL. So what are the other Level Threes up to? We shall see. Readers know damn well that when JNS Blog asks the universe for info, the info comes to me like magic.

I am glad Jeff Skrenes (the Hawthorne Hawkman) has stated his objections and established the distance he feels it is necessary to for him to establish. We often find ourselves in this "agree to disagree" mode. And that's fine.

But I intend to publish those addresses. So if somebody knows something...tell. Tell Johnny Northside.

Anonymous said...

This issue IS the willingness by many NOMI landlords to rent to level 3 sex offenders. We were told at the meeting regarding the offender at 4601 Queen that the owners absolutely were informed and knew they were renting to a sex offender. Their previous tenants had robbed houses and Victory 44 before they were evicted.

While Mpls rental licenses have nuisance house rules that provide for drug/prostitution/party/noise issues, it does not address continually renting to thugs & felons who prey upon the surrounding neighborhood. Perhaps the city council should change this.

We can also be successful in removing rental licenses from landlords who are non-compliant with rental guidelines. If you have a rental property near you, go to the city website and check to see whether (1) they have a rental license (2) have outstanding assessed special assessments (3)--by clicking through to the Hennepin County site--check to see if they have prior year unpaid taxes. If they have any of these issues, document and call 311 or email your city councilperson to report. We can't stop investors (apparently) from buying rental property, but we can make sure they comply with all the laws/rules that govern their money-making business.

The city web site has a TON of info -- check out properties here:

Johnny Northside said...

So I started digging, looking for information about the owners of the property at 4601 Queen Ave. N.

It seems like "Mohinani Rentals" is associated with this name, and uses the phone number 763-588-1262. I found the name "Rita Mohinani, Pres" and an address which is associated with the Chamber of Commerce in Robinsdale: PO Box 22646 Robbinsdale, MN 55422.

I assume this means Mohinani Rentals has some kind of routine mail handling arrangement with the Chamber of Commerce in Robbinsdale? Yes? No? And that "Rita Mohinani" is or was the "Pres" of Mohinani Rentals? Not the Robbinsdale Chamber?

Anymore info I can get about Mohinani Rentals I will be happy to print...including if anybody can provide me a list of all their rental properties?

Johnny Northside said...

I found a Facebook profile for Rita Mohinani and send her a message to find out if she was the person with the same name associated with 4601 Queen Ave. N.

Anonymous said...

Rita Mohinani is the wife of Slumlord Gobind Mohinani. He owns a property at 3846 Queen that was just raided a few weeks ago for drugs and stolen property. We call all the time on the criminals that he constantly rents to. He's a real piece of work. He also has a profile on facebook.

Johnny Northside said...

Here is more info that came to me via email.

After finding the landlord's name I also did various google searches. I think that the Missus is the President of the Robbinsdale Chamber. The Chamber doesn't have a good website, but I think saw her name associated with the Chamber as Pres. somewhere.

And this is what I found on the Mister on the Mpls Police Facebook
page no less...paste in your browser:,+mn&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

John Binner Thanks For All you Do MPD, we do what we can in our neighborhood to help with crime prevention.We are so glad that the scumbags on the 3800 block got raided last week and can't Thank You Enough. Happy New Year and be safe.

January 4 at 8:35am · John Binner The scummy rental on our block is at 3846 Queen Ave North. The owner is a real winner, he rents to alot of
losers and we will keep calling on the crime. "Gobind Mohinani" his company is called" G N & R E Mohinani Properties"

Can't remember if you have a way to see all properties owned by one landlord.

JNS Says: Thanks for the info and please keep it coming. Yes, I do have ways to get lists of property owned by one person, but it takes time. So I'm putting the word out there: if anybody can cough up a property list for this slumlord, send it my way as fast as possible.

In regard to the association with the Robbinsdale Chamber of Commerce, I saw the online stuff being referenced here. My interpretation was this woman is the president of a COMPANY which has a mailbox at the chamber, and is PROBABLY NOT the president of the chamber of commerce.

But the info is confusing and I'm not 100 percent sure either way.

Johnny Northside said...

Here is more info about the happy slumlord couple from the Star Tribune.
Fun fact: That long-ago cruise also sparked the romance between Rita and Gobind. While in Hong Kong, Rita's parents ordered clothes from a custom tailor. The company later notified them that its rep (Gobind, a native of India) was coming to town. More clothes were ordered, and Rita made quite an impression. "I wanted to see her again, but I didn't know how to get her to come back," Gobind recalled.

So he called her, telling her he'd forgotten to measure her sleeve length. Rita returned to finish the fitting, and Gobind asked her to lunch. They hit it off, and a few years later, his company got another order: sewing her gown for their wedding.

Johnny Northside said...

Just to clarify...

The happy slumlord couple was mentioned in a much longer story about holiday traditions.

Here is a link.

S.C.A.N. Pichner said...

I thought sex offenders were allowed within a certain distance of schools? The piece of crap is so close to Loring!

C. Ialis said...

I think my solution is merciful, socially useful, and elegant. Well, maybe we don't need to implement the exploding ankle thing right away.

Johnny Northside said...

Yeah, I said it. Glad you liked it.

Johnny Northside! said...

I received the following comment:
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The commenter had a profile which leads to an adult website. This is a particularly ironic example of "blog spam" which I wish to highlight and to point out that JNS blog constantly discards "blog spam" with links to fish oil tablets, exercise machines, Viagra knock off pills, you name it, they spam it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Another deleted piece of spam from the poster known as "sex call," as follows:
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Johnny Northside! said...

"Foot fetish" spam rejected.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's what happened a couple years AFTER Brooks Daniel Fisher ended up in our neighborhood:

Register of Actions
Case No. 24-CR-12-706
State of Minnesota vs Brooks Daniel Fisher §
Case Type: Crim/Traf Mandatory
Date Filed: 04/20/2012
Location: Freeborn
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
Defendant Fisher, Brooks Daniel
DOB: 10/31/1960 Pro Se
Glenville, MN 56036

Jurisdiction State of Minnesota CRAIG S NELSON
Charge Information
Charges: Fisher, Brooks Daniel Statute Level Date
1. Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information (Not applicable - GOC) 243.166.5(a) Felony 03/30/2012
Events & Orders of the Court
Plea (Judicial Officer: Leuning,Ross L. ,)
1. Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information (Not applicable - GOC)
Disposition (Judicial Officer: Leuning,Ross L. ,)
1. Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information (Not applicable - GOC)
Sentenced (Judicial Officer: Leuning,Ross L. ,)
1. Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information (Not applicable - GOC)
03/30/2012 (FEL) 243.166.5(a) (2431665a)
Commit to Commissioner of Corrections - Adult:
MN Correctional Facility - St. Cloud 34 Mo
Report on 08/07/2012
Credit for Time Served for 100 Days
Conditional Release After Confinement of 10 Yr
Status: Active 08/06/2012
Fee Totals:
Due 08/06/2014
Fine $ 50.00
Imposed Fine $ 50.00