Saturday, February 20, 2010

Linda Higgins Throws A Party On The Jordan Pond...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Tonight...well, at this very moment, actually...District 58 State Senator Linda Higgins had/is having a party at 2700 Logan Avenue North, on the lovely-albeit-frozen-right-now Jordan Pond. About 20 people are in attendance, but people have come and gone, so the total attendance at this moment may stand at 30.

So...I've got a crazy idea. I'm just going to hand my computer over to Linda, and let her say something to the readers about her campaign, the pressing issues, that kind of thing.

Here is State Senator Linda Higgins...

Hi Everyone! This is one of the really fun parts of running for office -- having events where you have a chance to talk with people in an informal setting. Our district convention is next Saturday at North High School, and this gives me a chance to answer questions, match names and faces, and generally have a good time.

Kip and Kelly Browne are here with baby Alex, who is charming the socks off everyone. A couple friends from the Second Chance Coalition, Sarah and Mark, have come by as well. Monday is Second Chance Day on the Hill, and they have been organizing for the event. I'll be speaking to the crowd in the Rotunda of the Capitol on Monday morning. 

Thanks to the Yins for hosting this party and to Megan, Kelly and Jackie for doing all the arrangements. Thanks to Dennis Wagner for restocking the beer supply too!

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MeganG. said...

Look at the cutest future Higgins delegate!!!