Wednesday, February 3, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Tynessia Snoddy Criminal Complaint Document...

Image from Tynessia Snoddy's Facebook profile, 
used under First Amendment fair commentary and criticism

Tynessia Snoddy--who was involved with the Larry Maxwell mortgage fraud mess--is facing her own criminal charges in Hennepin County District Court. Today, I obtained a copy of the Tynessia Snoddy criminal complaint.

More commentary will follow on this story but, for now, here's a copy of that document on the Johnny Northside Dot Com PDF support site, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Can we hope for 80 years? Ya right probably 10 at the most! I say make her pay the money back then give her the juice!
T Jaramillo

Johnny Northside said...

She does not appear to have as extensive a criminal record as some of the others.

I tell you what--I'd be pleading for leniency on her behalf if she'd, uh, give up certain names. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey JNS - I'll send you a picture of the LOVELY home she lived in - right in Heritage Park - big huge, beautiful thing. Foreclosed now. Don't know if it foreclosed because she couldn't defraud enough money from stolen id's to keep up with payments, or if she purchased it at a inflated purchase price and skimmed the cash off the top or what.

Rumor is she stripped it, gutted it. Took the stainless steel appliances, took the granite countertops, even took the custom closet inserts that were installed.

Hope she has a nice clothes rack... in JAIL.

AAA said...

Thanks for your work on this JNS. Love your blog.