Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yet Another Shooting At The Notorious Hawthorn (Sic) Crossings Strip Mall From Hell...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Today word came by phone from a friend who told me of police and crime scene tape on Bryant Ave. N. and West Broadway Ave, the very spot which had been taped up after the murder of Haywood Eaton not so long ago, click here. By the time I got there only a single remnant of the tape remained, but I know that street well enough to realize the tape was fresh, not leftover from the previous shooting.

No information could be obtained from bystanders--heck, I walked into one store and nobody seemed to actually be there working, even when I yelled "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO." I could have walked off with a new pair of shoes but, well, I didn't and (for the record) I prefer used shoes from the Salvation Army. More environmental, you know.

Tonight I managed to find out from the Star Tribune what happened at Broadway and Bryant Ave. N.

"A man was shot at least once in the back in Minneapolis about 1 p.m. Sunday at Broadway Avenue W. and Bryant Avenue. The man, who is in his 20s, suffered a non-life-threatening injury, said Minneapolis spokesman Sgt. William Palmer. The victim did not provide suspect information, Palmer said. The motive is unknown."

This comes just a day after I posted the incredible 911 data for that area, click here. What's really amazing is how few calls there actually are. If a person sat and watched from a concealed vantage point and just called 911 over and over, it would be possible to rack up--by my reckoning--about ten times the calls. But the area is so full of thugs and dubious doubtful so-called businesses, there really isn't a good observation point like that.

Some places you want to make a plea for more police, but in the case of Hawthorn (sic) Crossings, you have to wonder if, really, maybe what we need are National Guard troops.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to go back in time and discover who was on the planning commission and city council when everything was approved for the Hawthorn Crossings development.

I'm sure those people are still around. I would like to hear from them why they thought it would be a good idea to locate a strip mall on west broadway. I would like to make them camp in the parking lot for a night or two.

Most of west broadway from I-94 to the 1100 block hurts my eyes. Thank you, assholes!