Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calls for Service to Olympic Cafe

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Today I was given a report of the calls for service at the Olympic Cafe at 923 W Broadway Avenue. The Olympic Cafe is requesting permission to stay open until 3 a.m. The Hawthorne Neighborhood Council and the Old Highland neighborhood group have both opposed this ludicrous move.

ADDENDUM: The Chair of the Old Highland Neighborhood Association has posted a comment regarding the statement above. That association has not taken an official stand on the issue. The more formally recognized neighborhood group, NRRC, has at this time, opposed the extended hours.

From the January 1, 2009 through February 17, 2010, there have been twenty-two calls for service, listed below...

The incidents are described with a date/time, then the problem, then the disposition.

1/5/09 9:11:58 AM, Traffic Law Enforcement, Tagged
1/5/09 6:53:03 PM, Customer Trouble, Gone on Arrival
2/3/09 1:25:02 PM, Property Damage Accident, Report
2/4/09 11:44:46 PM, Miscellaneous, Advised
3/24/09 4:06:33 PM, Customer Trouble, Assist
4/18/09 2:25:35 AM, Person with a Weapon, Gone on Arrival
5/1/09 8:43:00 PM, Narcotics (Drug) Activity, Sent
5/18/09 11:06:17 PM, On Site, Advised
5/21/09 10:29:16 PM, Miscellaneous, Advised
5/30/09 12:41:45 AM, On Site, Information
6/2/09 7:37:17 PM, Theft, Booking
6/5/09 11:35:07 PM, Miscellaneous, No Service
6/5/09 11:35:37 PM, Miscellaneous, Information
6/24/09 10:48:19 AM, Robbery of Person, Information
7/19/09 5:48:09 PM, Narcotics (Drug) Activity, Gone on Arrival
7/31/09 10:19:10 PM, Theft - Report Only, Report
8/14/09 8:32:05 PM, Suspicious Person, Assist
8/31/09 5:01:15 PM, Suspicious Person, Tagged
9/17/09 10:06:50 PM, Unwanted Person, (No information listed)
10/4/09 8:11:45 PM, Fight, Booking
12/3/09 6:21:49 PM, Assault in Progress, Tagged
12/21/09 6:55:32 PM, Suspicious Person, Tagged

My first thought upon reading this list was, "Hey, 22 calls for service in a year, maybe that's not so bad." My next thought was, "THAT'S BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T OPEN UNTIL 3 A.M.!!!"


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a bunch of those calls be for issues taking place in front of the cafe? It is the 900 block of Broadway after all. Heck, the restaurant staff may be the ones calling in.

Brian Bushay said...


Your information isn't entirly correct. Old Highland has not taken an official stand on the Olymic Cafe extended hours although that might change next week. Olymic Cafe should have gone to NRRC with this request. They where given ample notice of when NRRC RCTF committee would be meeting. Olymic Cafe went ahead and got a hearing date on this before the planing commision and did not respond in time to get on the NRRC RCTF adgenda for February.
The NRRC full board meeting on Monday Feb 23 adopted a resolution apposing exteded hours but offered to reconsider the issue if Olymic Cafe where to ask for a posponment of thier schedualed hearing and attend the March 8th RCTF meeting.
Security is the issue for extended hours. Busnesses on Broadway that have extended hours either limit service to a drive up Window or have hired off duty officers to be on premis during the extended hours.

Brian Bushay
Chair NRRC RCTF committee
President Old Highland Neighborhood Association

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...


Thanks for your clarification. It was actually me, not John Hoff, that made the statement. I did so based on information given to me by someone else (not from Old Highland) who is working on this issue. I felt that person's information was credible enough to publish. I'll make an addendum to the blog accordingly.

Johnny Northside said...

Thanks, Brian and Jeff.

In regard to the anonymous comment about the restaurant staff making the calls...I doubt it. Walk into that thug joint and you will doubt it, too.

Now here's an interesting question...what are all the calls for service on the establishments at Hawthorn (sic) Crossings strip mall?

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

@ Anon 9:44, even if the restaurant staff are being good citizens and calling in the incidents themselves, that (in my mind at least) does nothing to alleviate the underlying issue. The neighborhood will not be made a better place by allowing this establishment to be open until 3 a.m.

rob said...

NRRC? have you checked the NRRC website since.....2008 for community issues or meeting information?

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side.

All the drunks and Rif-Raf will be in one spot for the police to watch them.

Maybe the community could tap into the fines for DUI and disorderly conduct to fund economic development of other family oriented late nite gathering spots.

Johnny Northside said...

We already have that alleged "bright spot" and it hasn't been very bright at all for our community. Not only does this place need to NOT STAY OPEN but, really, I have to wonder what is the value of the doors being open at all.