Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Message Across The Bow To "Pirate" Paul Koenig From Johnny Northside...

Image from the Koenig Blog, used under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism, horse called "Who Let The Cat In" 

Dear Paul Koenig,

I was inside your 2.5 million dollar house today, you heartless property pirate. I met the woman with seven children (some very small and vulnerable, also very cute and photogenic) the woman you put in that house, and the facts would tend to prove you knew...

...foreclosure was looming, and she'd be in a tough spot and probably forced to move again. But you didn't care. She says Pamiko promised to fix things and never did. I saw those things today, the things you didn't fix, leaving that woman in a difficult, unhealthy and unsafe environment, where she is forced to do the best she can under the circumstances.

This is a woman who works for her own money to pay her rent and, notably, she is amazingly kind and gentle with her children despite being in tough economic circumstances. But you don't care about any of that, do you? All you seem to care about is the almighty dollar and scamming it from somebody--whoever that might be, Paul, individuals down on their luck at Mystic Lake around 1999, your former girlfriend who now lives in California--oh, yes, those facts are coming out, too, all about the alleged domestic violence--whoever it might be, all you care about is getting money so you can support your high-rolling lifestyle of ponies, vacations to Florida, FOUR WASHING MACHINES IN YOUR BASEMENT.

I saw the basement of your 2.5 million dollar house today. It sure didn't look like YOUR basement, Paul. I'm guessing it didn't smell like your basement, either.

I am writing you this, in front of everybody, to let you know GOD SEES WHAT YOU DO, PAUL, and soon enough the rest of the world will, too, considering how many different individuals and official entities are trying to get to the bottom of the spectacular financial mess you created, and two of those entities are mainstream media outlets. Think you're notorious through this blog, Paul? Just wait. 

Now, Paul, you've been telling your story to somebody else--you're not faithful to me, you cheat on me, and we both know who else is involved--and you're saying, well, here's the facts in my defense but don't have Johnny Northside publish this. So, Paul, I haven't even seen those emails because I said, well, if I can't publish it...I don't want to see it.

But now, Paul, I strongly suggest you communicate with me directly--my email is right on the header of this blog--and you start telling me your side of things. Because soon enough everybody will hear the other side...the side of a decent woman with seven children who you put in that 2.5 million dollar House Of (Apparent) Scam...and people are going to think very badly of you, Paul.

I'm sure even if you tell me your story, people will still think very badly of you and I strongly suspect you'll be going to jail in the not-too-distant future, but I'm offering you an opportunity coated in virtual gold, here. I will publish your side, word for word, and all you have to do is forward the information.

In the meantime, may Almighty God keep that woman and her children safe from the obvious physical dangers of that house formerly owned by Pamiko. God and Regulatory Services. Word comes by text message from Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes that Regulatory Services is "(expletive) on it" shortly after our all-too-revealing look at what is happening inside the $2.5 million House Of Pamiko.

* * *

Regular readers should be advised this story is bigger than Johnny Northside, and as I've predicted for months, it will boil over from the small confines of this blog as much bigger media sharks move in for a big bite of Paul Koenig's posterior. Watch all over the media for these facts, I won't be bothering to replicate all that coverage here, but helpful readers can feel always free to post links for the convenience of, I don't know, posterity. (What is "posterity" on the internet? People three years from now?)

In any case...

Watch. Watch and see the spectacular sinking of the pirate ship "Paul Koenig."


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M. Clinton said...

Just before sitting down to check on this blog, I happened to have driven by the Pamiko property on Woodland Row of Farview Park. I was moments ago just fuming at the shoddy "construction" that was left, half finished, from what appears to be one of the cheapest and crappiest attempts at window replacement I have seen. The house is such an utter mess. How will it ever sell? I lived in S MPLS near a Pamiko blight and now I move all the way to the other side of town and I'm STILL near a Pamiko blight. It's amazing how one individual can create so much damage across a city.

fellow northsider said...

I really appreciate the work you've done to dig up and reveal these slum landlords like Koenig.

Thank you.