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Recently Declassified Back Channel JNS Blog Discussion Said, "Reside In Hell Soon, Romero." (Sic)

Photo by Annshalike Hamilton, from her online profiles, blog post by John Hoff

In light of the recent JNS blog "super exclusive" interview with the mother of murder victim Annshalike Hamilton, click here, this blog will be publishing a number of comments which were held and not previously approved because of...

Worries regarding the potentially defamatory nature of the info, which concerns--for god's sake--speculation and assertions about who MURDERED somebody.

HOWEVER, now that Annshalike's mother June Leikas is talking in very specific detail, it seems fair to publish these comments ESPECIALLY since there was a one-sided "back channel" discussion happening with the anonymous posters of these comments. (There are, in fact, at least two anonymous posters)

It has never been the intention of JNS blog to tease readers by making mention of info that I have, but can't yet release. For those who care to go to the trouble of looking, the long-delayed comments are on blog posts concerning Annshalike Hamilton, and can be turned up by using "Annshalike Hamilton" as a search term within the comments function of the blog.

Here is one, as a sample, paragraph breaks were added:
annshalike hamilton was murdered by her sister ann maries boyfriend romero.For her settelment money and jelous.After they stold anthoneys boogies settelment money/trust fund.Trough the i.d. theft and henn cnty court and peachtree gave romero and ann marie 18K. and they opened a life ins policy on anthoney.They stold anthoneys money,planed to kill him.saw an oppertunity to murder annshalike for her settelment money and killed her.and no bodys going to do anything about it.

annshalike was the best nicest person in the family.Her sister ann marie and punk girl beater/murder boyfeind ROMERO are monsters.Some one please post a pic of romero, the devils monsters romero and ann marie.i wonder how long thir murder money will last.I wouldent kill anyone for a million. Reside in hell soon romero.
Some other comments I was told to "use the info freely" but the comments were designated "not for publication." However, upon careful examination of the text of the comments, it appears the "not for publication" part concerned only some personal remarks woven into the information itself. As for the rest of that comment--broken into part one and part two--I am now following the request to "use the info freely" by publishing it.

Here it is:
Remaro Cordell Smith, aka "Slim", is the boyfriend of another family member, black, skinny and tall, thin braids, 22 or 23, claims Black Disciples gang (BD) but is not part of a BD crew. He IS the leading suspect. He lived in the house with annshalike hamilton. There was no history of sexual issues and her autopsy revealed no sex-assault. (Some personal commentary removed at this point)

In any event, the police believe Remaro and Annshalike got into an altercation in the basement and Remaro killed her. The forensic team has been there but didn't say whether evidence was found. Than him and another friend, maybe his brother Jonathan (don't know last name...), moved her to a known vacant house garage (Mahmood Kahn's shitbox). Given Remaro's past of EXTREME violent behavior, especially towards women, it fits. He's a skinny punk that only attacks weaker people.

(Some personal commentary, not intended for publication, deleted at this point)

During the interviews of family members, Remaro always was strangely absent or had an excuse. Over the past year we thought we were looking for a 'Snoop', or a group of girls, or there were many theories. What we now know is that these rumors were planted and invented by Remaro.

(Part Two)

He continued to live at the house until he was caught beating on the girlfriend. When they tried to kick him out, he pulled 2 illegal .45 cal handguns on the family. The cops were called (look it up) and arrested Remaro, than released him on bail. He and the girlfriend left and have not been seen by the family since, but phone conversations occur. He beats her daily. She is completely brainwashed by him and does everything he says, its the creepiest thing I've ever seen, like cultists.

The detectives have been trying to interview him when he goes to his PO, but apparently info sharing of a suspect in multiple cases doesn't happen at the 4th. So Remaro was charged with 4 years for the illegal guns, but then given a month to take care of things before turning himself in. This was bullshit by the court, he's been skipping out of warrants his whole life. So, now he's on the lamb having not turned himself in (yippie for added time) but he needs to be incarcerated so homicide detectives can interview him.

His mom lives in North, the sheriffs busted down the doors but he wasn't there last Tuesday night. His mom called Annshalike's mom and said she hopes he gets killed before they arrest him. Yes his mom, a Mrs. Newman, loved Annshalike and was heartbroken when it happened. With all the facts on the table, his own mom said he probably did it and hopes he's dead before the cops get him. Remaro is a VERY evil person, especially if he planned all this to get Annshalike's trust fund, possibly in conjunction with the girlfriend.

There was paperwork found in their old room that shows they were trying to forge signatures/falsify documents to become Annshalike's trustee. They failed with her, but did the same thing to Annshalike's brother Boogie whilst he was in the workhouse and succeeded in stealing ALL his trust fund, roughly 28k. Then he and the GF put a life insurance policy out in Boogie's name, the cops believe in an attempt to later kill him and collect. This has all been included in the murder case and again, is why Remaro is the lead suspect.

Its pretty obvious, this is one cold SOB who knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Why he isn't in jail for murder is a complete mystery to me, the detectives keep all the facts and evidence secret for fear of ruining the case, I would assume.

JNS blog wishes to emphasize the unconfirmed nature of these substantive comments on the murder of Annshalike Hamilton, still unsolved.

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