Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Details About The Arrest Of Edmund Joseph Neal At 2915 6th St. N.

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Local news media had an informative story about the arrest of sick puppy Edmund Joseph Neal, who turned out to be in possession of child pornography which he had created himself, click here for the article.

However, the mainstream media left out three details, two of which I'd like to fill in.

First, the specific address, which was 2915 6th St. N....

I believe this kind of specificity with addresses is needed by folks in the neighborhood, and it's one reason I've announced a mission of getting the SPECIFIC address of every Level 3 sex offender in North Minneapolis. 

In any case, I know this address at 2915 6th St. N. I lived right up the street from there when I owned 3016 6th St. N. This is a nondescript little house which sits so near Farview Park that you could probably sit on the front porch and hear the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council having a board meeting. Confusingly, it appears this Neal still uses 2915 6th St. N. as his address, but the facts in the story appear to suggest somebody who used to live at the address came into possession of the flash drive and turned it over to the police. The owner of the house--who is not implicated in this matter--is NOT Edmund Neal.

Anyway, here is the criminal complaint from the Hennepin County prosecutor's website, click here. The mainstream media story about this guy didn't go into much detail but, well, I've decided my blog doesn't need to go into detail, either. Suffice to say this sick puppy needs to be locked away in a cage for a long time.


Anonymous said...

This is the owner of the house at 2915 N 6th St. When we became aware of what was going on with Ed, we kicked him out of the house and no longer have any contact with the sick f**k. We are by no means child molesters or anything, and we would like to make that clear. Thank you.

Johnny Northside said...

Thanks for your input. I was careful to write it in such a way to make clear the owner of the house was NOT implicated and--so it appeared from the facts we had on hand--helped authorities get the evidence.

If you want to tell me the inside story on this in detail, my email is