Sunday, February 14, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Details Emerge About The Homicide At 3823 Dupont Ave. N.

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Not knowing the name of the victim in last night's death by stabbing at 3823 Dupont Ave. N., I headed there this morning hoping one of the customary boulevard memorials which always seem to pop up might contain clues to the identity of the victim. I ran into a WCCO news crew which had exactly the same idea...

There was, however, no memorial at the sight. The news crew actually invited me to hang around, apparently figuring this was Northside turf and I might be helpful. I recognized the camera guy from the Haywood Eaton shooting.

WCCO knocked on the door but there was no answer. They decided to just hang around and see who might show up. Some dudes got out of a car with ballons, and it seemed like the usual street side memorial was about to come into existence. But then it turned out the balloons were for Valentine's Day, and they knew nothing about the killing which took place only a few houses away.

"A St. Valentine's Day Massacre?!" one of the young men asked. I informed him the homicide took place the previous day so, therefore, no.

A woman who appeared to be in her late 50s or early 60s pulled up in a car, parking on the restricted side of the street. She got out, hobbling on an injured leg in a cast. I spoke to her and it turned out she was somewhat familiar with the events of the previous night, though she apparently hadn't been there.

According to the woman, her daughter lives at 3823 Dupont Ave. N. and also allows her step sister to stay at the house. The step sister was told not to bring "this guy" around, meaning the dead guy. But the guy came last night "with a billy club" and "started beating people." The daughter's boyfriend was beaten pretty bad. The woman did not want to stay and talk, but wanted to go inside the house and "check on everyone," including her grandkids and the beaten up boyfriend.

The house in question is a rental property, owned by a landlord who does not reside in the Twin Cities.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, I called the landlord to see if he was aware of the murder at his property. To my absolute shock, he claimed not to be aware of the events which unfolded last night.

Anonymous said...

Well if they were not told by the tenants or cops and didn't see the news i'd guess the landlord might not know they are not omnipotent and tenants aren't always rushing to give their landlord bad news.

Anonymous said...

If I was a neighbor, and home around the time of the incident (even if it was in the middle of the night), I would have been on the phone to the landlord. Until we begin disrupting the bucolic peace of these ex-urban landlords every time their tenants bother us, nothing will change. CALL, PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

the dead guy ....drew heinkel was my fiance and nicole was our friend so we thought drew went there to visit nicole with her invitation he had no weapons he arrived and was immediatly attacked by her sister katies bf drew fought back with his fists in self defense katies bf then pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed my baby in the chest drew ran out the door and the murderer followed this was eyewitness from nicole sterling everything died and i recieved a phone call waking me at 1230 am from the med exam informing me my fiancee drew michael heinkel 25yrs old father of paytten 14 mths and friend son brother cousin and as i said my world please pray for us we lost a great man on my birthday so on my day of birth i lose my reason to breathe........also i would like to add i did come to the front yard that very next day with a homemade wood cross that said ....EAGLE CHILD R.I.P .......LOVIN YOU ALWAYS FOREVER YOURS ...........YOUR MIMI ........THAT IS WHAT MY BABY CALED ME MY NAME IS MISTY

Anonymous said...

i am the one in his facebook profile pic i am devastated and lost i just needed to add his side my boo death has been ruled a homicide and justice will be served.............i love u drew