Saturday, February 27, 2010

JNS Exclusive: Linda Higgins Wins Unanimous Endorsement!

Post, first photo, and video by the Hawthorne Hawkman. Second photo by Megan Goodmundson.

State Senator Linda Higgins, endorsed by this blog, has won the Senate district 58 endorsement by unanimous consent. The tally really was 68.5% to 31.5% after the first ballot. But in a classy move, challenger Raymond Dehn withdrew from contention and made a motion for unanimous consent. That procedure is in the video above. Also shown above, I took the high ground and placed Higgins signs on top of each mound of snow outside the convention at North High.

Although I felt that Linda Higgins has been doing a fine job and no challenger was necessary, I will second her comments and applaud Mr. Dehn for the way he ran his campaign. He consistently contributes to our community and I hope he and others like him continue to be a part of the public discourse.

More videos and commentary to follow, but for now, we celebrate with Linda!
(Do not click "read more." Also, the video may not be immediately available until fully processed by youtube.)


Low End Leroy said...

We are fortunate to have such excellent candidates in our district. Thank you Linda, and Ray, for your hard work in our our community!!


Anonymous said...

Too bad Jeff didn't have a camera in that photo. It would have been fun to see Megan standing in a thigh high snow drift.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the we buy houses guy will take those signs and make a campfire like you did. After all they are on public property.

MeganG. said...

@Anon 10:56 - fyi - I was on the sidewalk. Sorry to disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1154:
Here are a few concepts you may want to check into:

1. Political Speech;
2. Commercial Speech;
3. Strict Scrutiny;
4. subordinate 1st Amendment Protection.

The Hawkman was standing on the grounds of North High, the location of a civic, political event, the kind which garners the highest constitutional protection.

Commercial Speech, on the other hand is one of the subordinated forms of protected speech. The City of Minneapolis has chosen to regulate commercial speech as it relates to use of City property.

I suppose you could debate whether JNS has a right to enforce the City's limitations on commercial speech, but the comparison you attempt to establish is unsupported contstitutionally.

The Hawkman's activities, as captured in that photo garner the highest level of constitutional protection afforded under the First Amendment.

Though it's irrelevant, candidates were supposed to remove all of their signage after the convention at North High. I believe this occurred.

veg*nation said...

@anon 11:54---wow, bitter much?! LOL

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

@ Anon 10:56 - There's a big difference between the "We buy houses" signs and the Higgins signs. First off, the Higgins campaign (and Dehn, and virtually all gubernatorial candidates, and Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman, and others) had PERMISSION to place the signs where we did. There was a set of rules regarding the convention and how and where signs could be placed. I was in charge of "sign wars" and like any good political activist in this arena, I followed those rules but maximized my candidate's visibility.

And then I spent a good half hour or more taking the signs down once the event was over. The other campaigns were doing the same.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:56 was simply mistaken as to perspective, not first amendment issues. anon 1154 is the one who needs a little facts and a little law.