Monday, February 15, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Remaro Smith Sent Anne Marie and June Leikas On A Wild Goose Chase The Night Annshalike Hamilton Disappeared...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Today, I spoke to Anne Marie Leikas, who denied allegations made by her own mother--June Leikas--that Anne Marie's boyfriend, Remaro Smith, was involved in the murder of Annshalike Hamilton. In the course of that conversation, Anne Marie said something very interesting: she had accompanied June Leikas to Cub Foods the night Annshalike disappeared.

June told me a story of going to Cub Foods and having a "bad feeling" as she was shopping, and coming back to find herself locked out of her own house. My previous story did not reveal everything June Leikas told me...but there were some things I wanted to hear from others: Anne Marie and Remaro.

In fact, June told me about being sent on a wild goose chase that night. (She did not use that phrase, however) Remaro called and said to "go here, go there, pick this up, go wait for this guy." But, according to William, "the guy" didn't show up.

The quick shopping trip to Cub Foods took much longer than expected. When June got back to the house, the door was locked...

According to "William," another source, there is a screen door with hooks that lock the door. June was unable to get into her own house, and spent quite some time yelling and banging on the door. Finally, when she got inside, Remaro emerged from the basement, sweaty, "soaking wet," and acting "hyper." June asked him what was wrong. Remaro allegedly responded he'd been doing coke.

"Not in my house, you don't," June says she responded.

William, my other source, says Remaro does not do coke at all.

June also said somebody else was in the house, somebody who dashed outside and was not seen.

Remaro Smith continues to be wanted on three outstanding warrants, none of which are for murder, however. When I asked if he was even at the house that night, Remaro's response is "talk to my lawyer."

When I talk to Remaro again--and I have a feeling I will--I will be sure to ask him, "Is it true you sent June Leikas and Anne Marie on a wild goose chase the night Annshalike Hamilton disappeared?"

ADDENDUM: There was another phone call with Remaro, which went about 40 seconds. In the course of that call, Remaro told me the warrants on which he's wanted are "none of your business." When asked, again, for the name of his lawyer he said he was going to "file for harassment."

To which I responded, "You go ahead and file for harassment, Remaro, with your three warrants. As a matter of fact, how about I tell you where I am right now?" In response to this, Remaro hung up.

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