Sunday, February 21, 2010

Raymond Dehn State Senate Campaign...Not Doing So Hot?

Image from Raymond Dehn's website, blog post by John Hoff

After getting back last night from the rockin' Linda Higgins campaign party on the Jordan Pond, I did some checking to find out how the party went for her opponent, Raymond Dehn. Dehn threw a party the same night. At this point I don't have much information about how many people attended Dehn's party and who they were, however, one interesting nugget of info came from Facebook.

It turns out...

Raymond or somebody affiliated with his campaign put out an "RSVP" invitation on Facebook. That invitation went out to about 120 people. Of those 120 people, only two replied and indicated they would guests at the party.

If I had to take a guess, I'd say Raymond's campaign is going "not so hot" right now and has an "uphill battle" as one political operative has reportedly put it. Of course, I think to be a genuine "political operative" you have to actually support people who win and be able to win yourself. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

I took a closer look at this since this blog post struck me as bias and unfair. So I went to facebook to do some comparisons. For whatever it's worth:

Re-elect Linda Higgins group = 270 members.

Raymond Dehn for State Senate group = 115 members.

The 2/20 Linda Higgins party rsvps show: 20 yes, 27 maybe, 179 awaiting reply (definitely a larger universe to pull from than Ray's)

The 2/20 Raymond Dehn party rsvps show: 2 yes, 1 maybe, 116 awaiting reply. (perhaps someone didn't get the event invite out on facebook in a timely manner?)

All in all, it's hard to tell how real support will come through for a candidate. The good news is that NoMi is lucky to have both Linda and Ray as leaders, and it's certainly refreshing to see a pleasant political challenger rather than bashing the incumbant like we are used to. That speaks volumes of both candidates.

Johnny Northside said...

Thanks for adding that informative info, but I think your info tends to support my position, not go against it. Dehn lacks support. I will predict here and now that Dehn will not get the nomination on Saturday.

And, by the way, if Raymond Dehn's campaign had as much sense as--for example--Diane Hofstede or that guy who ran against her, Allan Kathir--(sp?) then Dehn would have been at my door with a bottle of booze or a pie or something, saying, "Let me tell you all about my political positions, etc. etc."

Instead, all I received were a few cryptic emails from Michael Guest. Linda Higgins, in contrast, is very communicative and always has been. Even after I endorsed Higgins, it could have been worth his while to try to communicate with me or--let me put it this way, since it's hard to even keep track of who all is trying to communicate with me--communicate with me more persistently and in a way that would make me want to communicate back and find out what Dehn is about.

Dehn got a nice write up from Insight News. And, really, that tells me about all I need to know.