Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trusted Source Says Sammy Burch Did Not Kill Annshalike Hamilton (So Who Did?)

Mugshot, therefore in the public domain, blog post by John Hoff

As regular readers know, this blog has done more than any other media entity to keep a certain story alive and on the front burner. And that story is the story of Annshalike Hamilton's murder.

Recently, there have been...

...conversations behind the scenes with at least two different sources who are putting forth unproven theories and information about Annshalike's social contacts. Using this information I have approached OTHER sources (one might call these official sources who won't talk on the record) and asked very specific questions. As a result of one of these conversations, I can say the following:

Sammie Burch did not kill Annshalike Hamilton. Whether this no-account criminal thug fathered a child by a minor unable to give consent to somebody of his age, THAT question has not been answered and, personally, I believe anybody over the age of majority who admitted to having sexual contact with Annshalike Hamilton should be charged with statutory rape, even upon the mere verbal admission in the course of a police interrogation, and should be treated as a sex offender.

However, a trusted source can confirm Sammie Burch was incarcerated at the time Annshalike Hamilton disappeared. Burch was indeed running around loose when her body was found, but he COULD NOT have been the person who murdered her. So who did?

Also, I keep hearing things about some kind of LAWSUIT SETTLEMENT MONEY which was intended for Annshalike Hamilton's brother, known as "Boogie," and what actually happened to that money other than being used for the benefit of Boogie. I'd sure like to get more details on that issue. Can anybody provide the name of the parties as it appears on the caption of the case, possibly the case number?

A trusted source can confirm the smoke in my ear does indeed come from a fire of fact: there WAS a controversy involving lawsuit settlement money for Annshalike Hamilton's brother known as "Boogie" and what happened to that money, OTHER THAN going for the benefit of "Boogie."

Let the chips fall where they may. I will turn over rocks in this matter, I will publish any fragmentary facts I can get about the life and death of Annshalike Hamilton, until her murderer is found. The Bible says innocent blood cries out from the ground to God's ears.

Sometimes, it appears, the cry of innocent blood is amplified through the modern wonder of the blogosphere.


me said...

samie burch was not the father of annshalikes baby nor did he sleep with her the snoop in question was a hole different person.
and I got that pic of remaro for you, where do I send it?

Johnny Northside said...

A comment I have not published--due to the nature of the back channel communication--asserts Sammie Burch is NOT the father of Annshalike's baby and DID NOT sleep with her. Very well. I will be happy to pass on that assertion.

I have not said that Burch slept with Annshalike. What I have said is that ANYBODY over the age of majority who admits he DID sleep with her needs to be prosecuted as a sex offender, and that an online profile for Sammie Burch featured a picture of young Annshalike--trying to strike a sultry pose-- featured amid a dubious collection of pictures which appear to be "booty call" pictures. Draw your own conclusion.

Burch is in prison for a violent crime and is, therefore, a no-account thug REGARDLESS of his (dubious, suspicious) relationship with Annshalike.

But--and this is the main point--a trusted source says Burch DID NOT kill Annshalike, and COULD NOT HAVE, as he was incarerated when she disappeared. So Burch's good name (cough cough) is in the clear.

Johnny Northside said...

To my back channel contacts:

If Burch is not the father of the baby, who is? Or, to put it another way, who COULD be the father of her baby?

Specific names, please. And birthdays, if you can provide them. And state, in detail, your reasoning.

me said...

The father of annshalikes baby was that other guy that calls him self snoop(don't have a real name for you the cops wont give it to us only that he was the father) that was in question in the start of all this. Now I dont think the detectives want that info out but what I dont get is why he didn't get charged for having sex with a child when according to the cops he is in his 30's

Pond-dragon said...

They got this thing called DNA testing, I hear it works pretty good. What do you think 4th?

Johnny Northside said...

Again, to my back channel contacts...


Help me out, here!

Anonymous said...

Dr Mr. JNS, I think I may have posted this before, the name of the Snoop you are looking for is Tristan Kennedy, he was the father of Annshalike Hamilton's baby !! This is a Fact, he is a father of 3 boys who are member of the rolling 60s crip gang, and considers himself and OG, he referred to Annshalike as Lee Lee. His wife was furious when she found out about it and it is to my understanding that he was supposed to punch her in the stomach to cause a miscarriage, Annshalike's father knows who did this to her and he needs to come forward, so she can rest peacefully...I reported it to the cops all that I knew and now the abandoned home where she was found has now been torn down.

Anonymous said...

I always come back to this page to see if there are any updates on this case, and it is sad that it has turned cold.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am posting your comment and I've also forwarded it to a member of the police department. Please email me. Tell me more details.