Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Peter Rickmyer, Level Three Sex Offender, Gets Internet Access On Wednesday Afternoons...

State photo, in public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Is this a case of YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK ON BEHALF OF A PEDOPHILE? Peter Rickmyer, the Level Three sex offender who has recently gained a small measure of fame though filing a gibberish-filled lawsuit against several individuals and entities--including a large, powerful law firm and the commander of the Fourth Precinct--has apparently been getting "Wednesday evening internet" courtesy of an "amicus."

Johnny Northside blog has known about this matter since November 16, 2009, but the information has become more pressing of late with Peter going around filing his worthless pro se paperwork, which sheriff's deputies are forced to serve free of charge. Check out this email exchange with Bobbi Chevalier-Jones, the person currently in charge of supervising Peter...

Dear Bobbie Chevalier- Jones,

I am forwarding a document which was apparently created by Peter Richard Stephenson, Level III Sex Offender. This document was OBVIOUSLY word processed and includes an email which OBVIOUSLY originated on the internet. As you're well aware, Peter is not supposed to have anything to do with computers.

The document was provided to me (and my blog) by a neighborhood leader, who I am "blind cc'ing" on this email. Recently, Peter handed the document over at a neighborhood meeting of the Jordan Area Community Council, describing the document as his "grievance."

This matter has already been written about on my blog, and here is a link to that post.

Would you please look into this matter and deal with Peter's latest episode? Thanks so much for your assistance.

John Hoff
Subject: Peter Richard Stephenson Is Up To His Same Old Thing...
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 15:07:56 -0600 to russ.stricker

Peter is allowed access to the internet on Wednesday afternoons and is supervised by staff at the Amicus programs. They are making sure he is not going into any inappropriate sites. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact me by phone.

Bobbie Chevalier-Jones
Hennepin County ISR Agent
2600 E 25th Street
Mpls., MN 55406
612-596-0504 Office
612-728-8951 Fax

I did contact Chevalier-Jones by phone and, as I recall, she had no problem with Pete being able to browse neighborhood blogs to his pedophile heart's content. Word is Chevalier-Jones never followed up on repeated phone calls made by Kip Browne in Jordan. Kip and his wife were the subject of attempts by Peter Rickmyer to make contact with his so-called "grievances."

I've also received information--which I am trying to further develop--saying Pete has filed three different lawsuit or grievance type documents against a program at Jordan New Life Church. The filings were against an individual "church lady" who stood up to Peter Rickmyer. Individuals at the church don't want Pete hanging around a program which caters to youth, but Peter is insatiable in his desire to hang around the church program.

All of this leads to the inevitable conclusion the individuals in charge of supervising dangerous Level Three deviants like Peter Rickmyer aren't doing a good enough job, and North Minneapolis will have to DEFEND ITSELF against the 22-man "sex offender reserve force" stationed in its midst by--for example--keeping better track of their location through publicizing their exact addresses and any other details which can be obtained.

Word is the individuals who supervise the pedophiles are somewhat in a tizzy about this intention I have announced to publish all the addresses, making phone calls and emails.

My question is...what are they hiding? I can hardly wait to find out. In the meantime, I amplify my request to readers at large: do you know the specific address of a Level Three sex offender? Not the BLOCK NUMBER, which I can get off the state website (duh) but information about the SPECIFIC ADDRESS? If so, please email.


MeganG. said...

I gotta admit - I used to have a slight bit of respect for this man because I would see him working his fingers to the bone around the 26th/Penn 2 block area - chopping brush, picking up litter etc etc.

Now all that good he put out to keep up his area is totally voided with his continued mission to persue extended liberties that he should not have.

Pete, you should have stuck to tearing down overgrown brush. You are good at that.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this guy picking up trash in the hood and doing other sorts of productive things. It is a little shocking that he is a level 3.

Rak said...

You should be aware that you can countersue people for frivolous lawsuits and sanction them. Those are lawsuits for which there cannot be any merit, to such an extreme that it lacks good faith, which those obviously do.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, well, I strongly suspect he'd have to SUCCESSFULLY SERVE ME first, ha ha.

But on another note: if there's a lawyer willing to sue Rickmyer on a contingency basis for filing a SLAPP, consider this comment to be a solicitation for you to contact me.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you supposed to be there for this?
04/20/2010 Motion Hearing (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Blaeser, Robert A.)

Johnny Northside said...

As I've not been served, there is no legal requirement for me to be there.

I'm sure the high-powered attorneys who are dealing with Rickmyer will take care of everything just fine.