Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rumors As To The Identity Of Drew Heinkel's Killer...

Profile picture from Drew Heinkel's Facebook page, blog post by John Hoff

In recent days, the comment threads about homicide victim Drew Heinkel have been extremely active. Individuals who purport to be friends and family members provide detailed information about Drew and defenses of his character.

Obviously, anybody can go back to those old posts and read the comments. But I choose to highlight one particular comment by somebody calling herself "Athena Northside" who claims to be related to Drew Heinkel and to know something of the identity of Heinkel's killer.

"Athena" doesn't have much information about the killer's identity.

But you can read her words for yourself. Here they are, paragraph breaks not in the original...

Hi i'm Drew's aunt,and Drew was actualy invited to this house by one of the girls that lives/lived there. He was actualy attacked by the boyfriend of the sisiter and while my nephew was defending himself WITHOUT any weapons af any sort he was stabbed to death!! And now this murderer is still breathing fresh air and and sunshine because either the police aren't doing their job because they were both minorities or because these girls aren't giving up enugh information about the murderer except that he is black and his name is Mike.

So before anyone!! starts leaving their judment messages, know this! Mt nephew Drew, was the most loving non judgmental person you could ever know. He was NEVER EVER in a gang or ran with a bad group of guys. The only downfall my nephew had was his the "girls" he choose to be with. A lot of people on here are so critical of his lifestyle. He didn't live off taxpayers money, he didn't vandalize peoples homes, or rob, or steal, or physicaly assault just random people. He was living his life the best way he knew how, not every person can go to college right out of high school, or hold on ato a decent job, as hard as they may try. Life is not easy, it's not perfect, and for some of you judging my nephew for what he did or did not do in in very short life should is not worry about other peoples lives, but why not instead make sure YOU are living a good life, and raise your children to be respectful of life.

My nephew is laying in a deep grave right now, because of a bad decision about a girl, and for absolutly no other reason! For those of you who have sent your thoughts and prayers we appreciate it so very much, our hearts are shredded to peices rite now, and will be for a very long time. And when I was told about this blog I was appalled, at the writter and some of the people leaving messages. He and they, must have never had a loved one ripped away from them, so they are ignorant to the pain and suffering they are inflicting on our family.

Know this though, what comes around goes around, so be careful of what you say, do and live because the pain you are causing with this blog and the comments will for sure come back to each of you. And then maybe you will rethink about blogging and posting negative comments of a murder victim. If you truley want to make a diffrence in "your neighborhood" why don't you gut off the computer and walk "your neighborhood" and make sure your neighbors are safe, or if they need help. But I suppose this is too scary for you to do, and maybe thats why you "Johnny Northside" think that by blogging about any kind of crime around you will get rid of the minorities some how, good luck with that! Northside belongs to us and has for a very very long time, maybe you should of bought and remodelded a forclosed house in a diffrent city, but I bet it's that you got such a great deal off someone eleses missery thay it was just too good topass up.

I know you, I KNOW YOUR KIND! YOUR NOT THE FIRST AND WONT BE THE LAST. WHAT YOU SHOULD CALL YOURSELF IS "JONHNY COLUMBUS", that would be more fitting. Respect my family and know what your talking about before you blog or post about by beloved nephew.

-Athena Northside



this is drews brother bo fisher im sick of this shit if you got something to say regaurding my brother hit me up johnny 612-867-0750

Anonymous said...

You can call me too Linda K Senes, LADC at 612-703-7814 PLEASE DO---

Linda K Senes said...

You can call me too---PLEASE DO
612-703-7814 Linda K Senes, LADC