Monday, February 22, 2010

Documents Fall Into The Hands Of JNS Blog From The Family Of Murder Victim Annshalike Hamilton...

Stock photo by John Hoff, paperwork, blog post by John Hoff

Papers are now in my hands from the family of 15-year-old murder victim Annshalike Hamilton which appear to document, to some degree, the stories told of (alleged) domestic abuse by Remaro Smith against Anne Marie Leikas--the sister of Annshalike Hamilton--and to provide some documentary substance to allegations about a trust fund being fraudulently raided by Anne Marie and Remaro while living under the very roof of June Leikas.

The mother of Annshalike Hamilton told this blog why she believes Remaro Smith murdered her daughter, click here. Other sources have come forward with other pieces of the story, click here and also here. The mother of Annshalike Hamilton believes domestic violence and what appears to be evidence of fraudulent financial activity helps to paint a picture of Remaro Smith and his girlfriend--who is her other daughter, Anne Marie--and June Leikas believes these facts relevant to the unsolved murder of Annshalike Hamilton.

Yes, she took in Remaro Smith. Yes, there were times she treated him well, arguably even like a son. And yes, she now believes this guy who lived under her very roof, ate her food, dated her other the killer of Annshalike Hamilton and Hamilton's unborn child, Kyra Hamilton.

There have been some responses from the Remaro Smith camp, but not of a terribly detailed or informative nature, click here for an example, click here for another, click here for another, and click yet again.

Remaro Smith--as I have checked into over again to confirm with my police source, YET AGAIN--is currrently wanted on three warrants, which consist of two misdemeanors and a felony gun warrant. Call 1-888-988-TIPS if you know the whereabouts of Remaro Smith. If Smith himself wants to check the status of his warrants, he can call 612-348-2000. He should have a case number and birthday ready.

It is the position of JNS blog that allegations are merely allegations, I air the allegations but they are not my allegations.

But due to their substantive and detailed nature about an unsolved murder, these allegations are like those made by the mother of Natalie Holloway saying why she believes Joran van der Sloot murdered her daughter in Aruba. There is, however, an incredible class difference between Natalie Holloway speaking to Nancy Grace on the national airwaves, versus June Leikas of North Minneapolis talking to the only media paying attention to the unsolved murder of her 15-year-old daughter Annshalike Hamilton.

Ah, but let's get to those documents, shall we...?

These documents will hit the JNS PDF support site when it is feasible to turn them into PDF images. For now, I would like to share some of the information contained in the documents as fast as possible.

First, there is a photo. I do not know when the photo was taken, but it shows a young man and woman--both very skinny--purportedly Remaro Smith and Anne Marie Hamilton. The image was PRINTED on 2/24/2009 according to an automatic notation on the back of the photo. Remaro is wearing a long, plain white t-shirt and colorful blue pants which say "Corona." He is petting a dog which has its head on his lap, and he is grinning broadly. He has very nice teeth. He is thin, but has muscle tone. A pack of Newports sits in front of him on a glass coffee table.

The woman who is purportedly Anne Marie Leikas embraces Smith with one arm as he gives affection to the dog. She appears very skinny. She is wearing a black hoodie which bears the image of the Disney character Tinkerbell. A yellow Post-It note which came attached to the photo says, "Notice large scar part of eyebrow missing on Anne's left eyebrow from Remaro."

I look closely at Anne Marie's left eyebrow, which would be to my right. Though the photo was taken from 7 to 10 feet away, a flesh-colored gap is indeed visible in Anne Marie's eyebrow.

The home in which the photo was taken doesn't look so bad. There are matching chairs around a table with a flower arrangement, and a live plant sits on the coffee table.

The next document is a printout of a county jailhouse roster, apparently printed August 28, 2009. It shows Remaro Cordell Smith was received by the jail on July 23, 2009, at 02:15 hours. He was arrested by Minneapolis police. He was released from custody on August 25, 2009 at 15:37 hours. His booking number is 2009021484. (Please note: This number DOES NOT MATCH the number on the "identity card image" provided to this blog, the only image I have up to now of Remaro Smith. I am still not clear what the origins are of that image, but it may be some kind of card which gives access to a gym)

The charges listed on the roster are: Fleeing a police officer, fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, possess pistol/assault weapon ineligible person, domestic assault misdemeanor intentionally inflicts/attempts to inflict bodily harm on another, drugs 5th degree possess schedule 1,2,3,4--not small amount of marijuana subsequent conviction.

Court dates associated with these charges were all on 9/21/2009 at 9:30, except for the drug charge, which was 9/30/2009 at 9:30, all the court appearances were "downtown." Bail on the fleeing a police officer was $5,000 and $300 on the domestic assault, the others say "0" bail.

The next document is a letter dated 1/23/09 from Krueger Law Firm of Roseville. It is addressed to Mr. Anthony Leikas at 2655 NE Washington Street, which a handwritten notation on the letter points out, saying, "Notice everything was sent to Remaro's moms house (old house)"

The letter concerns "Requested advice on Peachtree contract" and speaks of signing an agreement to give "Settlement Funding, LLC, also known as Peachtree" a large cut of money from a trust fund in exchange for an early cash out. The total in the fund is $38,652.46. Per the proposed agreement, Anthony (or the person purporting to be Anthony, if you accept the story told my June Leikas) would receive "10,449.93, minus the fee of Krueger law firm, in addition to the future payments." The "future payments" appear to consist of $5,000 on March 1, 2011 and $8,000 on March 1, 2015. I strongly suspect this document consists of more pages and all I have is the first page.

Another letter from the same law firm is dated 1/26/2009 and shows that John A. Kindseth of Krueger law firm told Ms. Leslie of Peachtree that "Krueger Law Firm has reviewed your agreement and written a letter to Mr. Leikas advising him on the agreement. I was informed Peachtree would send payment on behalf of Mr. Leikas. Please forward payment at your earliest convenience." The letter, interestingly, bears an "exhibit sticker" with the notation "Exhibit E." It is unknown if this letter was presented as part of litigation, or what the case number may be of the litigation.

Another document is dated January 13, 2009 and consists of a fax from "Brose, Jared" of Symetra Financial. The subject is "Schedule of Benefits and Current Beneficiary for Anthony Leikas, AA752605 Memo." Elsewhere, the document makes clear that AA752605 is the number of the "annuity contract." This fax bears a sticker that says "Exhibit A."

Another document is a "Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney" and purports to show Anthony C. Leikas of 2655 Washington Ave. N. gave power of attorney to Anne Marie Leikas, of that same address, the power of attorney being limited to (check a box) banking transactions. This power of attorney was signed April 2, 2009, by a notary who affirmed the person who appeared before her was none other than Anthony Leikas himself. The notary was Shelly D. Reimer.

Another document--word processed, bearing no letterhead or signature--says, "Dear Annemarie (sic) This is a reminder that on Tuesday, February 16th, you have a meeting with me at Probation Center North (4336 Lyndale Ave. N.) I have you scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Thank you. Michelle Moran." The document also has Moran's phone and fax.

So JNS blog has these documents, but seeks MORE information, MORE documents, more interviews. This blog will not rest until the murderer of Annshalike Hamilton is arrested.


Anonymous said...

"only media" ???
You must really be full of yourself if you consider this BLOG with one and a half contributors, to me MEDIA!
This is nothing more than an opinion blog. That is just MY opinion though.
Media. That is funny!

Johnny Northside said...

Only opinion. THAT is funny.

Anonymous said...

One and a half contributors?

I thought Hawkman + Johnny = 2 full contributors.

If not, which one of those guys is half? Or are they both only 3/4s of a contributor??

Anonymous said...

Where has this case gone? Any new leads? I am from Mpls. and heard of this story when it happened, and I was horrified, to say the least. Then last year, I was speaking with a woman and she told me the story. She told me that Annshalike was her "god-daughter". They were allegedly very close, and the woman was good friends with Annshalike's mother. Then I started researching on my own. Is there a theory that Annshalike was murdered for her share of a trust fund, or something related to a trustfund? Is trust fund fraud something that is happening in this area? I don't believe this woman had anything to do with her murder, but I found it odd that she, too, somehow has a trust fund from her mother. The mother whose children were put into foster care has a trust fund for them? WTF? Where are these trust funds coming from, and why would she get it in her late 40's?

Johnny Northside! said...

Any new leads?

Remero Cordell Smith was charged in a domestic violence case and the prosecutor is Brad Johnson, a brilliant (yet self-effacing) lawyer who put away Larry "Maximum" Maxwell.

I really hope Remero takes the stand and the questions about his alleged habits of hitting women somehow lead to questions about what he was doing the night Annshalike Hamilton disappeared, later to turn up dead.

As for the trust fund thing, yes, there was a trust fund. Yes, there is talk of who broke into the trust fund, etc.

In fact, I've already written about it.

Read this.

In fact, just use "Annshalike" as a search term on my blog and read EVERYTHING and you'll know a whole lot about this case.

As for new developments...

Watch Remero's trial. Hopefully it will turn into a "new development."