Thursday, February 25, 2010

More From "Misti" On The Last Moments Of Drew Heinkel's Life...

Image contributed by "Misti," blog post by John Hoff

As regular readers know all-too-well, this blog and its comments function has become the preferred expressive forum for some individuals who were part of the life of homicide victim Drew Heinkel, who died at 3823 Dupont Ave. N. in a stabbing. Nobody has been arrested. Mike Martin, the commander of the Fourth Precinct, said preliminary indications are "self-defense."

Believing this rather unseemly "Jerry Springer-like" debate on my blog might actually lead to helpful information, I am willing to keep sponsoring it. Here is the most recent missive from the girl known as "Misti," who included the image above...

(Paragraph breaks added)

JOHN please believe me when i say if i knew who this mike person was i would let it be known i do not know anything beyond his first name and he is black drew and i had gotten into a dissagrement and i left our apt fri night and spent the night at my parents i had no idea he had left st cloud until i recieved that horrible phone call from the med exam drew had my phone with him and they just called the number that said dad

i have never met this man or even heard of him until now all i do know is he ripped my soulmate lover and bestfriend from me and to anyone who has been reading the numerous comments remember to tell the people that you love how much you appreciate them and love them dont argue over petty trivial things you never know when that person may be called home to be with the angels

with that being said i love you drew i am so sorry that i left that night i would do anything to change our last moments you know booski what im trying to say see u when i get there

JNS says: I am still trying to get the name of this "Mike." Somebody came on this blog and said it might be "Mike Lansky" or a last name which sounds similar to Lansky. Can anybody tell me who was this "Mike" who may have been the one to kill Drew Heinkel?

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la_vie_en_rose said...

I tried googling Mike Lansky and Lynsky like the guy in the comment said, but all I turned up with that name is some rapper from Philly.