Friday, February 12, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Is This The Blood Of Annshalike Hamilton?

Image contributed by "William," blog post by John Hoff

"William," (not his real first name) my source who recently spilled all the goods on Remaro C. Smith, believed by the mother of Annshalike Hamilton to be responsible for murdering her daughter, moments ago forwarded images which he believes may be...

...small splatters of blood from Annshalike Hamilton. The splatters are in the residence on Emerson Ave. N. where Annshalike Hamilton lived and was last seen alive. William forwarded other images where the blood appears to be on Sheetrock. None of the images are very clear, but all seem to show splatters which could indeed be blood.

The mysterious splatters have NOT been investigated by homicide detectives. Nobody noticed or knew about the splatters while detectives were looking through the house for clues months after Annshalike disappeared, her body hidden in the garage of slumlord Mahmood Khan.

There is one big problem with the splatters, but that "problem" reveals much: the splatters may actually be from Annshalike's sister Anne Marie, since Remaro C. Smith was known to "beat her bloody" with relative frequency.


WTF said...

Where the hell is the 4th precinct on all this? I always assumed murder cases take top priority, especially cases involving a pregnant child. WTF? Is it because she's a northsider or comes from a poor family or (I pray not) black? Does anyone out there know if this is typical M.O. of people, including police, to trivialize human murder because it happened in North Minneapolis? Have people and police grown numb? Is the 4th too understaffed/underfunded? We need more aggressive action in the future if the perception of NoMi is going to change.

Anonymous said...

Yeah were is the 4th precinct in all of this they suck can't they do their jobs you know, they are public servants for the people They serve. Fucking retards!!!do your jobs!!! or we will do them for you maybe quit your jobs and do something else like clean toilets or something.