Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Church Of Gethsemane Opens Its Doors In Cottage Park, Jordan Neighborhood...(Photos)

Photos By John Hoff

Here are some images from the recent Gethsemane Church opening in Cottage Park. In the top photo...

...the ultra-modern glass pulpit, which fits in with the elegant, spartan modern glass in the windows of the church. Next two photos, some of the wood features of the church. The next image--a low quality photo of a photo, SORRY--gives some idea of the condition of the church prior to renovation.

In the next photo, a view of the basement of the church, still under renovation. Word is some more funding will be needed to finish this part of the church.

The big pile of beverages comes from the Pohlad Foundation. These healthy drinks--a remnant stockpile of a discontinued but fairly good product--have been turning up all over Jordan and Hawthorne, and have become a part of the "Pro City" neighborhood culture. The next photo shows the communion table, ultra-modern glass like the pulpit.

The last photo shows City of Minneapolis "super employee" Jill Kiener, who is coordinating consultant to the Northside Home Fund, and showed up to help plant flowers. Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes describes Kiener as "the person who gets stuff done." 

What a day of celebration in the Jordan Neighborhood! The ball is rolling, the tide is turning, and every day brings stories like this of revitalization progress in NoMi.

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