Monday, June 1, 2009

Driving Out Evil Spirits In The Hawthorne Eco-Village...

Photo By John Hoff

NoMi resident Pam Patrek reports an interesting and somewhat amusing incident which happened some days ago in the Hawthorne Eco-Village, which has gone from being the MOST crime prone area in North Minneapolis to, quite arguably, the LEAST.

Pam was walking through the alley near her house, when she came upon a man sprinkling salt on the ground...

The man, as it turned out, will be a resident of the Eco-Village in the not-so-distant future, living with his wife in the state-of-the-art passive energy house being constructed by MinneAppleseed. I've met them both at meetings of the Hawthorne Housing Committee, and they seem nice. Sure, everybody in Minnesota says that, but it seems to be true in this case. 

ANYWAY, Pam asked what he was doing with the salt. The man replied he was "blessing" the alley, and driving out the spirit of evil which once had free reign. When Pam told me about it, she said the man was using Morton's salt, not the cheap generic stuff.

"I would have used a less expensive brand of salt," Pam said.

"ARE YOU KIDDING?" I replied. "If I can drive out evil spirits from the Eco-Village by sprinkling salt, then I'm going to use nothing less than coarsely ground gourmet sea salt." 

In any case, the Eco Village has been salted. But, for the record, when 3119 4th St. N. was evacuated, I found a discarded container of nutmeg and sprinkled THAT all over the ground near there, because I'm a freegan environmentalist that way. So whatever evil thing it is you drive out with stale nutmeg...consider that evil to be gone.

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