Sunday, June 7, 2009

Phone Book Dumpers Stopped In Their Tracks...

Contributed Photos 

A regular reader submitted these photos and told me a story that happened a few days ago, as she stopped some phone book dumpers right at the conclusion of their delivery to a complex of townhomes. The "Hawthorne Hawkman" would have been proud as the evil dumpers were forced to go back and "undump" their pile of wasted trees.

Though this incident happened in one of the southern suburbs, the issue of unwanted phone book dumping is bigger than North Minneapolis. So here's the story...

I caught them right as they were at the last building of 46 townhomes, all with individual doorsteps. I asked them to go back and pick up each one, telling them we don't want them, they didn't clear it with management and this is private property (that really is irrelevant, but I try to play the hardball and use it when I can, scare some Jehovah's witnesses, scare some thugs away, scare some phone book thugs, you know)

So after a lot of bitching and moaning and telling me they need my contact info and did I already take the property off the delivery list, cause, ya know, they have a delivery order for this property and it's not listed as "DO NOT DELIVER."

I told them, yes, I have, several times but it does no good. So i have to stand there with my arms crossed and glare at them until the driver barks at the lady and tells her to get moving, go pick them all up again.

She takes her little rolling cart and starts making her way up and down each door walkway, back and forth, up and down, getting 5 or 6 books at a time, bringing them back to the overflowing mini-van and then back up and down for more.

Meanwhile I got my camera and start snapping pictures of them, and continue to stand and glare making sure they go to each of the 8 buildings, each of the 46 doorways. Towards the end, I go over and thank them, apologize for having to be the bitch about it, but this phone dumping is ridiculous.

The lady starts into a rant about how "you don't have to take it out on us, you're treating us like we are criminals and we are just doing our job!" I tell her I am sorry, but I don't want the phone books and Dex is the criminal here. She continues to rant about "how everyone makes us go back and get the phone books and THAT isn't part of their job, just delivering them is."

I advised her that perhaps she should go ask permission FIRST before they start dumping hundreds of phone books at multi-family properties etc. She says how uncomfortable it is that I am taking their picture, I reassure her "don't worry, I don't even know your name or anything" again with the "treating us like criminals" etc.

So in the end I tried to communicate that I was thankful that they picked them up and hope they had a better day from here out.


JNS says: You go, girl, and hopefully readers will take heart and do likewise. 


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