Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recent Demolition In Cottage Park, Jordan Neighborhood...

Photo By Todd Heintz

Todd Heintz, a JACC board member, emailed me the photo above. It shows the bitter end of a crappy building which used to stand near Garden of Gethsemane Church, which is widely known as "the Liberian Church." It was also right across from the headquarters of the Jordan Area Community Council. If anybody has the street address, feel free to post it for the historical record.

I am always happy to document the steady march of neighborhood revitalization in NoMi, which so often involves knocking down buildings which are fit only for disposal. But readers outside North Minneapolis should keep one thing in mind: there are HUNDREDS buildings being demolished or scheduled for demolition. Revitalization is an unstoppable steamroller leaving toothpicks in its wake. The changes in our neighborhood are massive and permanent. This blog manages to document only a fraction of the demolition.  

I wouldn't have caught this one at all, if not for Todd Heintz and what appears to be, well, I'm guessing a cell phone camera? Thank you, Todd Heintz.

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