Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Killing Time On The Internet In A Productive Way (Community Impact Statments About Northside Crime)

Johnny Northside And Uncle Lennie Ride Again

So I was sitting at Mall of America, using the internet at Cantina #1, and I thought it would be fun to submit a dozen or so statements to the City Attorney website about the impact of thug crime on my neighborhood. The website is clunky as all-get-out, click here, but it's all I've got, and I'm willing to work with it.

While reading about the various crimes (allegedly) committed by North Minneapolis thugs, I came upon an incident which happened only a few days ago right near "Uncle" Lennie Chism's headquarters on Glenwood Avenue. You know, the building he lost to foreclosure but he manages to stay inside of it, while trying to extend himself further by purchasing the old "Uncle Bill's" store.

Here's the incident...

Case Details

Defendant: Dixon, Morice Laroy

Date of Birth
Police Report Number09277169
Court Case Number27CR0944105
Incident Address121 Glenwood AV N
Intersecting StreetMorgan Av N
WarrantNot issued
Law TypeLivability
Matter TypeLoiter Buy/Sell Narcotics
Statute/Ordinance385.50 - Loiter W/Int
152.027. 4(A) - Drugs-possess/Sale Small Amount Marijuana - No Remuneration
385.50 - Loiter W/Int
152.027. 4(A) - Drugs-possess/Sale Small Amount Marijuana - No Remuneration
Public NarrativeI observed arrested party (AP) #1 loitering in front of the SUNNYSIDE DELI. Officers have received numerous complaints from businesses on the block of AP #1 loitering and selling marijuana. He had been arrested two days prior for loitering and possession of marijuana. I stopped, ID'd AP #1 and discovered a pill bottle with numerous pills in it and two small baggies of suspected marijuana. The AP was arrested and booked HCJ. RECOMMENDATION: CASE CLOSED BY ARREST

One can't be too hard on Lennie. Crime is, after all, a problem everybody is dealing with in North Minneapolis, though recently there have been incredible drops in crime, hooray. This minor incident is a drop in the bucket, but it sort of jumped out at me because I recognized it was right out by "Uncle" Lennie's building and, hey, maybe Lennie was one of the concerned business people who called about the drug dealing. Lennie can come here and say so, if he was.

Or wasn't.

However, I have personally heard Lennie making claims of "cleaning up" that particular corner.

Guess the corner isn't that clean.

I also noticed another incident involving Thomas Anthony Banks, click here for old blog post. I can't keep up with this guy. When is the system going to finally deal with Thomas Anthony Banks?

MUST I DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING while drinking a pina colada and posing with a guy in a parrot costume at Cantina #1? (Sarcasm font)


Anonymous said...

JNS you are fascinated with Lennie Chism to the point it is rather sick. How can you associate crime on the street with Lennie Chism?

Johnny Northside said...

Well, like I said, I just took note of that particular incident because I recognized the address as near Uncle Lennie's.

Also, Lennie is running for public office, bought the notorious Uncle Bill's store, and heckled Don Samuels at the Fifth Ward Convention. Plainly, Lennie either courts publicity or can easily anticipate publicity. It's not fascination. "All flash, no cash" Lennie is actually rather easy to anticipate and grows boring.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what this has to do with Mr Chism? I didn't realize he had control of what happens around his office. You have got to be kidding me. Why don't you use this piece of crap blog to do something worthwhile. Get a life.

Johnny Northside said...

Did you actually read the blog post before you commented?

I'm not holding him responsible for what goes on around his office. For all I know, he's one of the folks who called in about the crime. Like I said.

But since Lennie made claims to me about cleaning up that area, the fact it's NOT cleaned up is noteworthy.

But if you'd actually read the blog post, we wouldn't need to have this discussion, because you'd already know that stuff, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

JNS you have went to far again in connecting the dots of crime to Lennie Chism. Issue an apology for or retract your story. As a citizen of North Minneapolis I find what this disrespectful of on of our community members.

Anonymous said...

How does Anon @11:51 feel about Lennie's juvenile and disrespectful campaign flier? Should Lennie be asked to issue a public apology, or do you believe that special extra-low standards should be created for Lennie?

Johnny Northside said...

I did not connect any dots. Every single thing I said is true. And I'm not going to apologize that your sensitive little feelings are hurt. I've provided a forum for you to rebut and you should feel free to use it, not that there's anything to rebut.

The "building formerly known as Lennie's" and still apparently occupied by Lennie has holes from an air gun in the window pane, it is a CRAPPY LOOKING BUILDING and it's no surprise CRAPPY PEOPLE hang out nearby.

But Lennie is free to come here and comment and say what he likes. He also has his own website to say what he likes.

If Lennie was one of the local businesspeople who complained about the drug dealing and wants to take credit for this petty (alleged) criminal getting arrested, Lennie can come here and say so and take credit for getting police action.

Anonymous said...

Yes- Lennie has his own website - with very (VERY) little content - but what content IS there is quite interesting - speaks volumes of his character and creativity. Check it out yourself:


Anonymous said...

go see "Lennie's Ugly Backside" at


quick before he takes it down, like a mooner who quickly pulls his pants up...

Northside Defender said...

John Hoff (alias Johnny Northside) has more faces than a diamond. He will use every technique possible to undermine a person's credibility, regardless whether he can form a logical argument or not. Take, for instance, this crime near Mr. Chism's corner and how he uses it as a means to besmirch his crime cleanup efforts. However, when he gets called out on it, he conveniently backtracks on technicality. He pictures his arm around Mr. Chism, but takes every opportunity to pick him apart.

Mr. Hoff must believe his readers are as dense as he is to believe we REALLY cannot see through the rhetoric, shameless bias or one-sided speculative arguments.

What truly is sad is Mr. Hoff is putting himself off as a progressive example of northside residents, instead of the venomously embittered malcontent sociopath he truly is.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Lennie Chism's website. I cannot tell what is more of an embarrassment to my neighborhood, Chism's website, or this blog.

Johnny Northside said...

If Lennie takes it down, then I'll be the one who puts it back up so people can see Lennie's amazingly crude mud slinging.

I'd really like to know who the "artist" is of that image so he/she can get the credit deserved.

Johnny Northside said...

To Northside Defender: hugs and kisses to you, too, and enjoy the free speech forum I provided you to spew venom at me. Mwuh!

Anonymous said...

Well said Northside Defender. JNS comes off as a bigot with is attack on Lennie Chism. Support of Don is ok, but slander is crossing the line JNS.

Johnny Northside said...

Apparently you define "slander" as hurting Lennie's precious feelings. In fact, nothing slanderous was said and there is a forum here to rebut, if anybody would care to explain what part is supposedly NOT true or slanderous.

Pond-dragon said...

If a murder or for that matter anything negative happens in NOMI, you can bet $ to doughnuts the Don Samuels challengers will blame Don for not doing enough.
Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just checked out his blog
site, such as it is. I was shocked
at the slanderous representation
on his "so-called blog". If that is the kind of public representation he is willing to put out there, who knows what kind of weird private views he has. This will always be in my head when I see him or when I hear his name in connection with any endeavor. It's not a favorable image. This is the image he is providing, not what anyone else is saying about him.
He will only have himself to blame if he is not taken seriously or doesn't get the professional respect he may believe he deserves.
He is his own worst enemy. Too bad.

Johnny Northside said...

You don't need to worry about Lennie having weird private views. He prints his views for the world to see, including suggesting that the "ready to die brothers and sisters" who rioted and burned in the late 1960s deserve some kind of monument. Lennie shows up and heckles at the Fifth Ward DFL convention.

Weird PRIVATE views? No, Lennie's views are out there. I'll stand and defend the man on THAT.

Anonymous said...

You mention hurting Mr Chism's feelings more than once???? What is that about? Is that your ulterior motive? What is your fasicnation with this man? I have never met him but the more I read I am intrigued?

Johnny Northside said...

Dude, the man is RUNNING FOR OFFICE. Of course he's going to get things written about him.

Amateur hour, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Lennie has thought about alternative ways to finance his political ambitions and real estate empire. I'm sure these two fine community organizers could help him:



Anonymous said...

As long time resident of the 5th Ward, I thought the picture of Don "Puppet" Samuels (JNS could you call him that from now on) was accurate. I never felt he was bright enough to revitalize West Broadway.

Don Allen said...

Johnny NS,

What you don't seem to understand is Black people have had their heads stepped on in North Minneapolis for over 30 years. It's easy to knock someone over when you don't really understand the "micros" of what's really going on.

Uncle Bill was not only a store, he was a Black man that was systematically put out of business because a politician saw future profits at that corner.

An attack on a Black Man our his business to keep the NoMi "klan" in stitches is an attack against business for everyone.

Uncle Bill the man - is alive and what he has to say will shock you.

Furthermore, there's a far more interesting story at the building next door to Uncle Bill's that involves Jackie Cherryholmes - will you heckle her or Samuels - I will!

Johnny Northside said...

To Anonymous At 6:22

And, as an alien with three heads, this is what I think about inter-galactic peace...

My point is anybody can claim to be anything on the internet, if you're going to be anonymous. You're a longtime resident of the 5th Ward? Uh huh.

My comment would be funnier if I'd posted anonymously, but as I've repeatedly made clear, I don't do that on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Cherryhomes, for better or worse, is the person who took a chance on William Saningular and argued in favor of his business license for Uncle Bill's. Now Don Allen wants to claim that she is the sole source of Mr. Saningular's problems, and that he is a completely innocent victim who bears zero responsibility for the years of terror that Uncle Bill's became when Mr. Saningular decided to let gangs (first the blue and white gang, and then, after several days of shootouts, the red and black gang) use it as their base of operations. This is because Don Allen is allergic to facts in any shape or form.

Which also explains Don Allen's argument that Lennie Chism should be elected to City Council because he has no other qualities other than being a victim, which is also why he should be completely immune from any criticism when he allows his properties to become blights to the surrounding neighborhoods.

On the other hand, we are also supposed to believe Lennie and Don when they claim that they will be able to completely and immediately solve all problems in North Minneapolis with a snap of their fingers, and that CM Samuels should be ruthlessly excoriated, humiliated, and ridiculed for not having done so already.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny how a few folks got so riled up over this. It is even more funny how they tell JNS to get a life....yet they are commenting on this post and passing it on to their buddies. Ol BenJeralina can't get enough of this.

Anonymous said...

"And, as an alien with three heads, this is what I think about inter-galactic peace..."

Geezus, JNS, it never ceases to amaze me how childish you are, in a blog you continually attempt at pushing off as significant, with amateurish rebuttals and passive aggressive attacks.