Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rumors Of Plaintiff-On-Plaintiff Claims In Recycled "True JACC" Lawsuit...

Photo By John Hoff

As this blog reported exclusively, the never ending soap opera of JACC lawsuits is going into a great fall and winter season, with a "Second Amended Complaint" filed to warm up the frivolous lawsuit leftovers, click here for details.

Now another interesting nugget of information has come my way. Word is one of the plaintiffs on the "Old Majority" side of the lawsuit (Ethylon Brown and others) is "intending to assert a claim" (planning to sue, presumably) another one of the plaintiffs.

The word I have on this is highly trustworthy information, though passed along secondhand. I frankly do not know, however, which plaintiff on the "Old Majority" side is contemplating suing which OTHER plaintiff. If anybody knows and wants to spill their guts oh-so-anonymously, well, consider the comments section to this blog post to be a great big ol' gut bucket.

As for the photo...

It's a picture I snapped of a historic marker during my road trip to Kentucky. The marker discusses Kentucky state courthouses burned during the Civil War.

Talk about a wanton waste of valuable court resources!

I'm just saying.

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