Monday, September 21, 2009

Richard Webb Of ReMax Results, The Scum Behind The Slum...

Image From ReMax Website, Fair Comment And Criticism

While trying to dig up information about notorious slumlord Mahmood Khan, the owner of 1607 Hillside Ave. N., the "House of Poop," I stumbled across some interesting information. The Realtor for the "House of Poop" was a guy named Richard Webb of ReMax Results. In fact, Webb was the real estate agent for at least ten transactions involving Mahmood Khan and houses in North Minneapolis...

Here are the properties in question, with the poop rising to the top.

1607 Hillside Ave. N.

2609 Emerson Ave. N.

1204 Knox Ave. N.

2008 21st Ave. N.

410 30th Ave. N.

3223 Bryant Ave. N.

2223 Emerson Ave. N.

2722 Oliver Ave. N.

2631 Newton Ave. N.

2007 Russell Ave. N.

2123 Oliver Ave. N.

1714 Oliver Ave. N.

Here's one Khan owns that Richard Webb apparently DID NOT help Khan acquire, but I just thought I'd mention it:

2222 4th St. N.

So I emailed Richard Webb to ask him for his side, letting him know in a not-very-subtle way that his assistance to Mahmood Khan was a detriment to our neighborhood. I told Webb that if he wanted to give me some kind of statement, I would print it fair and square. Here's what Webb has to say:

"I've helped Mahmood buy a number of homes. I've also helped a number of others purchase in North. In fact I just sold 1506 Emerson to a nice young owner occupant. My job is to sell houses - -if someone wants to buy one and has the means, I'm going to sell them one. I've sold over 50 homes in North Minneapolis in the past couple years and many have been remodeled, restored and sold or owner occupied. If you'd like me to reference some of the properties I'd be happy to -- because I certainly don't appreciate you calling me a 'Scum.'"

To which I respond: Scum.

There are many Realtors and real estate agents--some of whom I know personally--who wouldn't be involved in selling houses to scumlord slumlords. Not surprisingly, some of these nice folks actually live in North Minneapolis, which we prefer to call "NoMi." Richard, you are not REQUIRED to do business with a notorious slumlord, but it's something you choose to do, most likely because you worship Mammon, God of Money.

You are scum, Richard Webb, and Mahmood Khan is scum. And every time I hear of you selling a house to Khan, (time and energy permitting) I'll be happy to write in detail about your scummy co-dependency, which is ruining my neighborhood. I don't know why any "nice young owner occupant" would want to do business with you, Richard Webb, since (by your own admission) after selling them a lovely house you'd sell the house next door to slumlord Mahmood Khan, if he wanted the house and had money.

But I'll you what, Richard. I'll tell you what. Why don't you tell me the name of a real estate agent who is WORSE than you? Tell me the name of somebody who has sold MORE houses to a North Minneapolis slumlord than YOU have. Tell me and I'll be glad to write about THAT Realtor.


Margaret said...

It's certainly hard to feel sorry for this guy since he's made good money over the years dealing with the likes of Mr. Khan. On the other hand, it's not his fault that Khan is a slumlord, that's between Khan, his tenants, the city inspectors and the neighborhood. Some slumlords even cut out the middle man and get realtors licenses so they can make more money off of other slumlord transactions.

aaronmicah said...

Johnny N,
Please contact me regarding the richard webb article and north minneapolis in general. I Happen to work with Richard. I just moved here from North Carolina to work for ReMax Results, my fathers business, and I share your spirit of activism and came here to try and help North Minneapolis and my home town in general. I have been working for non profits for years. I found your take on Richard interesting and informative, but please bear in mind we are not all bad people. I would like to talk more, I believe we have the same goals.
Thanks for your time.

Mannyapolis said...

Hyperbole and slander.

Richard Webb is an excellent realtor who did outstanding work for me and my wife, not scum who prays to golden idols.

Mr. Webb was nothing but pleasant to work with because he put the work in to make the experience of buying our first home enjoyable and well informed. His practices are first rate and he is customer focused.

I would definitely do business with him again.

Anonymous said... Johnny Northside, let me get this don't like Mahmood Khan because he's renting his houses to less than perfect people and then he's a slumlord to them...but instead of going after Mahmood Khan you attack an innocent real estate agent. Classy. You must just be a jewel of a person. What's next?? you gonna attack the ranchers for selling beef to McDonald's?? I mean cause they sold the beef to McDonald's and McDonald's is making people obese, so Naturally you'd attack the farmers....

NOMI32 said...

This is sad and further stains the industry that is real estate. Hello, ethics?

I live in North with a realtor who is FIRMLY COMMITTED to engaging buyers for North Minnapolis homes who have the intention of caring for their properties. It is sad to me that people like Mr. Webb, who I am sure does not live here, can sell homes in North and has no concern for what happens after closing. We need to build more coalitions of realtors that live here and wish to promote the flourishing of this community.

Anonymous said...

He is doing his business, and you are expecting him to cater to your discriminations? Its not his job to conduct an ethical background check on everyone looking to buy a house - one they buy it, he is pretty much out of the picture until they want to buy another one.

I mean, didn't do an ethical background check on you, or you wouldn't have this blog.

You need to keep your focus on the criminal, if that is what he is, not expand the scope of slanderous statements to include everyone that ended up helping him out in some form or fashion just by doing the same job they would have done for you or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

RESPONSIBILITY!!!!! Let's take some of it for OUR own actions!

Don Allen said...

Johnny - this is an unfair response to a businessman that just sells homes to support his family.

Anonymous said...

Attacking a Realtor? Seriously? Have you worked with your community activists to target the REAL criminal here-the slumlord??

While I find your attempts at advocating for your community valiant, I am disappointed in the way you chose to do so.
I am unsure as to how negative, sarcastic comments on a blog are doing much good in your community. It appears that you find people to target, tear them down and feel like you have done something positive.
Great, Twitter that you called the police, post people's pictures on the web, but really what have you done?
Have you taken it upon yourself to ask why some people are in the situation they are in?Have you thought about what you could do to help?
Have you been a Big Brother to a child in your neighborhood that needed help? Have you donated food to the local food shelf? Have you mowed a neighbors yard,helped them weed, plant flowers?
These are some of the very small things a person could do to help their community. Very small things.
How many people to you have to attack before you feel your work is done? Don't attack those for doing their job, it makes you look stupid. Do something positive with all that energy you seem to have.

Johnny Northside said...

Well, such a bunch of commentary! I'll get back to some of you later, but I'd have to say my point of view is pretty close to Anonymous at 12:43.

Anonymous said...

If you're so worried about the welfare of your neighborhood and your safety why don't you just move? I think there's a plethora of houses in Edina with nosy, arrogant, judgmental neighbors like yourself who think the world revolves around them available. I find it comical for you to complain about a so called slum in your neighborhood... YOU live in slum city, so deal with it!
Your neighbors,
Mr. Slum, crackhead, welfare, hooker, bum, and lowlife

Anonymous said...

I know Richard Webb and am a huge fan. He is helping a friend of mine (single mom with special needs kids) find a house. She has very little money and her options are very limited. Richard has tromped thru more than 30 houses with her trying to find the right fit. He's definitely not making any money on this deal but that doesn't seem to be what he's all about. Just a decent guy doing the right thing.

1915bung said...

Hmmm...12 properties sold to the same low-life slum lord and to his own defense he can only recall one property sold to an owner occupant that might be a decent community member.

Either this guy is SCUM


The most naive, thoughtless, money grubbing,unconscionable,sociopath who is so unlucky that most of the properties he handles end up turning to crap for the rest of their neighbors.

Wait...That's the same thing!

Get a clue or get out Webb.

johnynaziside said...

all right Johnny,
seems like we have another internet tough guy. I hate to break it to you, north side is full of houses in foreclosure. I am sure that all of the properties that you speak of where bought for next to nothing. If it bothers you so much why don't you put your money where your mouth is, and buy the houses. fix them up, and gentrifi, as you see fit. but let me guess your broke because of....(fill on the blank). upside down in your house and mad at the world. what do you think is the answer is to the foreclosure issue in your hood? c'mon how about you use your time to come up with answers instead of complaining . and gentrification is not the answer. but i am sure it is your "urban dream".

Anonymous said...

You are wasting your breath with the likes of Mr. Hoff (aka Johnny Northside). His vigilante-ism connects the dots in whatever fashion fits his needs, without regard for such things as a moral code or logic.

This is a guy who thinks Mr. Webb should cater to HIS opinions of people, regardless of the fact that Mr. Webb is just a good real estate agent to anyone.

Tell JNS all you want that he is out of line, slanderous, prejudicial, hypocritical, off-base....his ego simply thrives on the attention. There will never be any corrective, or apologetic response, since he never sees himself as truly making any mistakes.

The best lesson here is learn to focus on addressing the criminal elements in your community yourself (as we should always do anyways), and spread the word to any elected official that JNS is too far gone in his extremist self-inflated ego to truly represent any community. The only way JNS will change is when he realizes he has lost his voice within the community, or gets legally held accountable for it.

Anonymous said...

Richard Webb is a stand up, decent, honorable man who is working hard and making an honest living. You are totally off base here.

Donielle said...

It makes me sad that you are spreading such ignorance and choosing to slander a person of whom you do not know. Richard happens to be a very good friend of mine and my husband. He also, sold us our first home, which is how we came to meet him. Hands down, Rich is one of the nicest and down to earth persons I know. He is always willing to lend a hand and expects nothing in return. It is unfortunate that you are choosing to attack him in a public forum or in any way, it’s just hateful slander and nothing productive will come from immature name calling.

According to you, Richard should insert his own personal judgment and opinion into who and who can not purchase a home and where they are purchasing? That clearly is discrimination and we’ve fought wars to win that battle.

If I understand this correctly, you are upset that a home owner in your area unfairly interacts with his tenants and does not properly take care of his property? Is that correct? And your solution would be to have Richard discriminate against whom and who can not own a home in the North Side? Help me to understand how this will work?

I do expect answers to my questions, if you’ve taken the time to spread angry, negative, slanderous words about someone you do not know, then you can take the time to defend your ridiculous point.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous and misguided to single out Richard Webb for the problems caused by one 'slumlord' in north minneapolis. Richard does his job with the utmost professionalism in an unbiased respectful manner. Your inflammatory accusations are pure hyperbole, how embarrassing for you...

The Mortgage Geek said...


Your hyperbole goes farther than what I'd have said, but I do agree with the sentiment. Webb clearly is a Realtor who has done good work with (I'll assume) good people. But he's also done deals with at least one known slumlord.

I'll defend the strategy here: go after the associates of slumlords in our neighborhood so that they become a persona non grata and NOBODY wants to deal with them.

Other Realtors who read this, correct me if I'm wrong, but can't Realtors CHOOSE who to do business with? Whom to represent? And whether to recommend to their seller that they sell to a landlord or owner occupant?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you come into my neighborhood and do the right thing, I hope you become extremely rich doing so. But if you're not doing the right thing, we'll call you out on it before not-so-kindly showing you the nearest exit to Highway 94.

And I am REALLY going to push back at the anonymous post at 9:30. Wow, where do YOU live? NoMi is MY neighborhood and I will fight TOOTH AND NAIL to make it better. That's what John's doing too, and although I don't always agree with his tactics, I am grateful to have him in my community.

I do hope we can see a future blog post about an actual constructive conversation with Webb regarding Khan and other slumlords. It sounds like the potential is there for this to be far less adversarial.

Molly MM said...

I also work with Richard and find this to be a post I really disagree with. Richard is a great guy and he is truly dedicated to his work. It is wrong to assume that anyone knows the intention of buyers before the sale. Khan bought too much, can't afford to do anything with the houses, and that sucks. Richard has no way of knowing prior to a sale that someone previously less known as a slumlord will be unable to do the right thing with purchased homes. I think responsibility really falls to the City and to the slumlords themselves. It seems to me a big problem is in the way the City handles rental licensing in the area. Richard really doesn't deserve the moniker "slummy."

Anonymous said...

I find it unbelievable that someone can take only the time to research criteria only for publishing details that benefit their own point of view (a very FALSE one to say the least). If anyone took the time to research all the transactions that Mr. Webb has completed and his Real Estate career in a whole, you would see that you are talking very poorly of an outstanding Realtor. There are more than enough uneducated Real Estate Agents out there selling million dollar homes that have mold issues to families with children that may have well received their license out of the cracker jacks box. Next time before you run your mouth and post a decent, hard working individual’s picture on the internet, you better get your facts straight and do some research so that you actually know what you are speaking of. Since you blog consistently of the North side, perhaps you should have more insight on what you are writing. First off, the people living in those homes are people as well… how dare you pass judgment on them as well. You are basically stating that because of how the owner of the home is, that property address is junk. What a put down to the people who reside there. Green slander is not an attractive color on you. Get over yourself Johnny Northside.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in hearing a realtor's perspective, also: what are the professional standards and/or regulations involved?

If it's just a matter of realtors deciding what kind of reputation they want to have, and what kind of clientele they want to attract, it seems like a good strategy to get the word out that if realtors sell to slumlords in NoMi, it wil1 affect their reputation and be bad for business.

johnynaziside said...

ok mortgage geek, you should have bought these houses. I am sure they sold for CHEEP. put your money where your mouth is.The price the homes sold for is public record, and if the house is in foreclosure or not. how much do you want to bet these houses where all in the latter stages of the foreclosure process?(bank owned).

I do not think Mr.Webb owes any one anything.

As far as for said landlord that an issue i am not versed in. if he is a slumlord then he should be dealt with. But can one rent sec 8 house and be a slumlord? If so that is an issue to take up with the city/state.

Pond-dragon said...

Lots of interesting posts, I would agree JNS was a little tough on this dude, but tough compared to how guys like MK and associates are destroying our neighborhood?
A Realtor "KNOWS" what is in and not in the deal. Its their job. It is easy to turn a blind eye. Ask Larry Maxwell, or some of his Jordan associates that helped turn the deal on Hillside. The truth she hurts especially when it strikes close to home.
We do not and will not stand idly by while so called nice guys aid and abet the destruction of our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The neighbors and neighborhoods that surrond Mr Khans properties should report him to the city and complain. There are procedures that sometimes get results. Your name calling of Mr. Webb, shows your anger of the state of northside communities and you should deal with that directly. I dont think its Mr. Webb's responsibiltiy to cultivate modest landlords.

NOMI32 said...

I wrote before as a North Side resident who lives with a realtor. While I would like to think that what Mr. Webb is doing is wrong, its not that easy. When I spoke to my realtor partner, he indicated that in cases like this Mr. Khan has liquid assets that are far more favorable to a bank than a client who has to go through financing. So, regardless of who lists the property, Mr. Khan will always look good in the eyes of the bank's asset managers if he is liquid. And based on the overall ethics in the real estate world, someone will step up to represent these properties if Mr. Webb chooses to turn them down.

My partner makes the choice to sell to buyers who are owner occupants because he has a vested interest in the NOMI community. But he probably loses earning potential because he is not willing to represent bank-owned properties in North. Mr. Khan can snatch up as many as his pocketbook allows. The bank cannot discriminate based on the character of the buyer. My hunch is that not one realtor who represents a bank-owned home in NOMI lives here.

Perhaps the work needs to be done with city zoning regulations. Allowing for less rental property in a block could be one way to deter the Khan's of the world.

Going after Mr. Webb is futile because if it was not him it would be someone else.

MeganG. said...

Well said by Pond-Dragon.

We will NOT sit idly by while so called nice guys aide and abet the destruction of our neighborhood. That goes for drug dealers, hookers, johns, poverty pimps, lazy & out-of-touch politicians, crappy business owners, slumlords, and the real estate agents that CHOOSE to make $$ off the slumlords acquisitions.

Mr. Webb and the other agents who WILL be dragged through the internet in the future made a choice to pretend it's okay to sell homes to slumlords and NOT have a price to pay.

Well, here's the price - you will be called out on your choice to have such low standards that you can even be remotely associated with a slumlord like Khan.

All the "good" clients that you have sold to do not out weight the multiple times you chose to make a buck over choosing higher standards for your own business practices.

I'm so TIRED of hearing slumlords, business owners, and now the real estate agents that support them say "It's not my fault" - and we say BULLSHIT - you can operate a business, rental property or real estate services WITHOUT lowering your standards, while enforcing a higher bar for those around you to adhere to - we see it all the time - rental properties that go unnoticed cause they are neat, clean, maintained and have good renters, businesses like BLO, Bean Scene, Donny Dirk's, Pair of Dice pizza, real estate agents like Deb Wagner and Margo Ashmore and Connie Nompelis (and many others) who chose to hold high standards.

IT CAN BE DONE. And if you're the one with lower standards that chooses to fill in the void that is left below - Now hear this - You will be called out and labeled.

NoMi residents are taking every step they can - we DO engage the city, inspections, problem property departments, police, public housing agency, etc. We do engage neighborhood and business organizations. We do form and work with block clubs.

And now, we have a new and innovative way to hold people accountable and get information distributed - the INTERNET - and it's working.

So Mr. Webb, I hope you will put your money where your mouth is = Move here to NoMi, buy one of those great homes you must come across every day - OR - start selling Mr. Khan some homes in YOUR neighborhood, Mr. Webb.

Walk the walk and talk the talk. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself are you the one that wants to help contribute to the suffocation of north Minneapolis by perpetuating the slummy empires such as those held by your dear friend Mr. Khan?

Johnny Northside said...

Yeah, some of the stuff Megan G. just said are things I was planning to put in a future editorial. But better to get it out there as quick as possible:

Realtors and real estate agents, if you sell properties in NoMi to notoriously bad actors like Mahmood Khan, there will be an ugly personal price to pay on the internet.


NOMI32 said...

Yes, you can continue to call these people out but they will keep coming. Until you change zoning regulations, people like Mr. Kahn will continue to buy up properties in North. Fix the problem where it needs to be fixed.

MeganG. said...

NOMI32- how do you propose to fix the problem.

If your answer is restrict # of rental properties within a certain geographically boundary - can't be done - city attorneys have looked into it already. It would violate property rights, which can be argued in court violate 4th amendment rights.

Same goes for restricting # of subsidized rent vouchers (section 8 vouchers) within a certain area. It would be discriminatory against a protected class (receipt of public assistance is protected class)

So aside from those two recommendatins, what do you propose?

(seriously asking, not being smart-alec)

NOMI32 said...


I don't have a proposal other than to engage our local leaders more around these issues. I am an ordinary resident with hopes for a stable neighborhood. I am speaking on behalf of the realtor I live with and he speaks to the overall ethics of the profession.
Sure, it is fair to attack realtors who repeatedly sell to slumlords. We can call each one of them out by name. However, this is a bandaid approach to the problem. By the time we realize who these people are, the houses are already in the possession of slumlords. If our efforts succeed in getting these people out of our neighborhoods, someone else will take their place because there are ethically-bankrupt realtors out there who do only care about money. Even if my partner represented these homes on behalf of banks, he is legally required to submit any offers he receives. And, banks will always choose offers that are liquid.

So, we can work with our leaders who we elect to solve our problems or fight the system that allows this to happen.

Margaret said...

Megan, I am very interested to hear that you've looked into restricting rental housing and section 8 housing density it North and that the city attorney says it can't be done. I can understand it from a political perspective (there are competing imperatives here--affordable housing v. blight and concentration of poverty.) but I don't believe it can't be done. The city walks on property rights all the time for public purposes, health and safety, etc. The Supreme court has affirmed that right repeatedly. And you have the example of suburbs who manage to plan their section 8 and public housing areas, not have them spring up willy-nilly. What's different about them? Nothing in the law. I understand that there is a problem with NIMBYism but there is also a saturation point with Section 8 and there have been cases even right here in North about concentration of poverty. It's become federally subsidized blight. And it's not great for the poor families to have their housing choices restricted to slums and slumlords. It may be hard to fight head on once it has already happened--the legal execution needs to happen at the planning/zoning level in order to prevent the argument of discrimination. But every time there is new development, there should be an opportunity for setting a balance.

MeganG. said...

Margaret - you are right on point about concentration of poverty being bad for ALL - especially for the impoverished. It was Tom Strietz - Mpls Director of Housing that said they have looked into restricting rental licenses to a certain cap within geographic and also that putting any restrictions on saturation of section 8 vouchers would be huge discrimination that they are just not willing to take on because of the lawsuits that the city has already been slapped with.

Sec 8 vouchers are called "housing choice vouchers" by HUD - and literally when issued to a tenant they can choose anywhere they want to live, in whole country, as long as the unit they are renting fits the price guidelines of the voucher. So literally the section 8 holders in our area are CHOOSING to live there, and no one is willing to take a step back and say "hey, concentration of this demographic is not doing anybody any favors" and it completely NEGATES the purpose of the voucher, which is designed to allow holders to move to areas that they would NOT otherwise have access to.

It's a complex conundrum.

I think restricting rental licenses within geographically areas AND having more teeth, more consequences when violations occur is a good start to CORRECTING the unhealthy rental market that is choking our community.

Jerry Curl said...

Wow JN. I hope you are kidding! Considering you have a mug shot photo online makes this whole blog a complete joke. Was that your senior picture? Check yourself bud. As for the other comments, I agree with both sides. I completely agree with the person who said "buy the houses and fix the, up yourself". Instead of being a "tough guy" online, go out and do something to change it. I can tell you right now, you are no Perez Hilton. You look worse than her/him. Your view on this is obscene, very comical. Good luck with your "blog". Try facebook out next time. Wow you have to control which comments are posted. Way to be a responsible blogger unlike some irresponsible Realtor named Richard Webb. Johnny, check yourself out in that mugshot. WOW

Guy who complains on blog using the Minneapolis free public WiFi because he lives in the "slums"

Johnny Northside said...

I'm currently trying to dig up info on MORE Realtors who do business with slumlords, so I can drag them through the internet, also.

Bill Shapiro said...

Megan Goodmundson said:

"I'm so TIRED of hearing slumlords, business owners, and now the real estate agents that support them say "It's not my fault" - and we say BULLSHIT - you can operate a business, rental property or real estate services WITHOUT lowering your standards, while enforcing a higher bar for those around you to adhere to - we see it all the time - rental properties that go unnoticed cause they are neat, clean, maintained and have good renters, businesses like BLO, Bean Scene, Donny Dirk's, Pair of Dice pizza, real estate agents like Deb Wagner and Margo Ashmore and Connie Nompelis (and many others) who chose to hold high standards."

Say what Megan? BLO is a BLIght at the corner of Penn and Broadway. Good neighborhood communities do not have liquor stores on prime intersections. Period.

Bean Scene is pitiful. Unless of course you like cramped conversation with no music and a poor selection of bakery items and sandwiches.

Pair of Dice Pizza has a terrible ghetto-like facade that reminds everyone that you are either entering or leaving a terrible ghetto-like Mpls neighborhood.

Deb Wagner? Margo Ashmore? Do you really honestly believe they never once steered a buyer towards a lender that recommended an unfavorable mortgage? Get real. The very name 'NoMi' has been personally championed and embraced as, among other things, a rebranding opportunity for these realtors to make money post-housing collapse. Only fools buy the 'we're such good citizens' crap. Margo doesn't live in North Mpls; she and her husband sure act like they do, though.

Connie Nompelis is an opportunist, period. Where is the primary address where she lays her hat at the end of the day? Not North Mpls, that's for sure. Nice try though, at acting the socially conscious preservationist who just happens to make lots of money one small sale at a time with her connections 'over North'.

Megan, I've got an idea. Why don't you, Connie, Deb, Jeff Skrenes and all the other 'good citizens' who post the tough talk under all your aliases start hosting your own blogs under your own names as you criticize and attack others? Put a real name to your cowardly slander-fests. Otherwise, you're just hiding behind John 'JNS' Hoff, letting him act like a fool all by himself.

That much I'll give to JNS; he takes ownership of the nonsense he puts out there. He'll likely take the results of it as well, through upcoming civil suits and widespread community acknowledgement of the harm he does to North Mpls through this blog.

You should be so courageous.

One last thing, and a big hint for all who've been the target of the above mentioned 'citizens': people who throw stones live in glass internet social networks...

MeganG. said...

@ Bill Shapiro -

it's funny, you say I'm hiding behind some alias, but you wrote my full name along with full name of several other people - so what alias am I hiding behind?

I don't need my own blog, Johnny Northside is providing a public forum for me, and all sorts of other people including YOU.

So why do I need my own blog.

-signed Megan Goodmundson

Anonymous said...

If you want to take out a large opponent, why would you attack the body? You're not going to get anything done that way. The body can take a lot of abuse and punishment. You must attack the neck. Cut the opponent at the neck and watch him or her bleed out. Once you disconnect the head from the body, then your opponent will be no more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this guy also has a chance at $60,000 for what you've done here based on him simply his job.

Anonymous said...

Richard sold me my first home, a foreclosure, and after three years I am still an owner occupier. He was professional and helpful throughout the entire process. When you specialize in foreclosed and damaged properties it's inevitable that there will be owners who are going to become a part of their community and maintain their properties and owners who will not. It's not richard's job to try and decide who these will be. The responsibility should fall on the city to keep better oversight on these landlords.

Anonymous said...

As a real estate developer and contractor and as a private investor, over 20 years, I had extremely bad, downright evil, multiple, experiences with REMAX in the USA and internationally. They are complete idiots not knowing simple arithmetics nor anything about real estate, wanting to sell your house for cheap and get the maximum commission for nothing. That seems to be industry standard across the entire REMAX.