Thursday, September 24, 2009

Luxurious Condo Living In North Loop...

Photo By John Hoff

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to dinner at a condo in Harvester Lofts in North Loop, not far from the Local D'Lish store which features locally grown and organic foods, including the most extensive selection of buffalo meat in the Twin Cities.

Though this blog often writes about crime, demolition, and the internal politics of NoMi revitalization, it's probably good for me to document the fact many North Minneapolis residents live in, well, luxury or at least a high degree of middle class comfort. I think this would be true for most residents of North Loop, where even the rental properties are fairly pricey.

The condo I visited was in a building...

...where the price range STARTS at $180,000. That's enough to buy, what? NINE HOUSES in my part of North Minneapolis.

(Of course, those houses are REALLY GREAT DEALS and, incredibly, some of them may have sold for $180,000 only a couple years ago, before the real estate bubble burst)

Harvester Lofts has an incredible "repurposed" style, with many original features of the building incorporated into the condos and common areas. So, right on the ceiling of a luxury loft, one might see spray paint markings associated with the former use of the building which was, well, something to do with GRAIN.

My host for the night was really into his wines, and one decorative feature of his condo was a Hungarian wine press, made in 1941, pictured below.

We drank (moderately) until it got quite late, enjoying LOCALLY MADE vodka and LOCALLY MADE martini mix. (The mix comes from the Golden Fig, a local food store in St. Paul)

And life was good in North Minneapolis, at Bob's luxury condo.

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MeganG. said...

The Bee's Knees drink mix is delicious, lemonade & lavendar if I remember correctly.

It's made by Golden Fig, which has a store in St Paul - but of course THIS bottle of Bee's Knees came straight out of Local D'lish store in North Loop.

You may not find the drink mixes in Local D'lish all the time, mostly because they fly right off the shelf when they arrive - like many of the wonderful items do - that is why you MUST go to Local D'lish OFTEN because so many of their yummy products are flying off the shelves and you gotta get 'em quick.