Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's Better Than Calling 311? Calling 311 AGAIN! (And Again, And Again, And Again...)

Photo By John Hoff

In the middle of June I wrote about how I called 311 about a building along the light rail route, covered in graffiti. Well, I'm pleased to report that months after the building was the subject of 311 Report 264479, the graffiti was painted over. Unfortunately...

The building was hit with new graffiti before I even saw what it looked like all cleaned up.

But that's OK. Now when I contact 311 I have a handy reference number. Some buildings I have to report over and over. There's a building at 510 Cedar Ave. that I've called in, like, 10 times. It keeps getting hit by graffiti and I keep calling it in. I never grow weary of this exercise, no more than one might grow weary of cutting grass.

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Johnny Northside said...

Word comes from 311 that the address of this building is 5101 Minnehaha Avenue.

If anybody is riding the light rail line and sees graffiti on this building...feel free to join the crusade and call 311.