Monday, September 7, 2009

Specific Achievements On A Political Flyer--What A Concept!

Photo By John Hoff

Since I wrote about Natalie Johnson-Lee's flyer, which "showed up" in my hands a while ago, click here, and I also wrote about Lennie Chism's crude attempt at a flyer, click here, I thought it would be a good idea to write about a political flyer that came into my hands from the Don Samuels camp.

Actually, the way it happened, Don Samuels kindly loaned his van to a neighbor who needed to move furniture, and I helped with the move, and (oh gee) one of the flyers was in the van. So I was all, like, score. This is my flyer, now, for blogging purposes.

I'm told Samuels has more than one flyer, but the flyer I obtained is current enough to be considered a Samuels flyer. It has more specific content than the flyers of Natalie Johnson-Lee and Lennie Chism COMBINED. What a shame I don't have flyers from Kenya McKnight and Roger Smithrud.

First and foremost, Don Samuels is a labor endorsed candidate and so his flyer says "Labor Endorsed" and has (oh gee!) a union print shop emblem. There's really no rule that says ONLY a labor endorsed candidate can get what's called a "union bug" on their flyer. Heck, anybody who orders stuff at a union print shop can request one of the emblems to appear on the flyer. So you have to wonder...

Why Natalie Johnson-Lee, who mentions being friendly to labor, can't be bothered with the nicities of using a union print shop? It makes more sense with Lennie Chism because his amatuerish junk appears to be produced on a color photocopier plus you have to wonder if his fast-talking entreprenuerial outlook is pro-union or just pro-Lennie.

Reading Don Samuels' flyer is a little bit of an education in some of the key events happening the last few years in North Minneapolis.


# Broadway Plaza--a $70 million project that will jump start the revitalization of West Broadway.

# YWCA--the largest in the nation--will anchor the Plaza.

# Coloplast Headquarters--600 Northside jobs!

# University of Minnesota Urban Research Engagement and Outreach Center.

# Standard Heating--80 new jobs.


# Revitalization of the North Regional Library

# YMCA--newly renovated and dedicated exclusively to our youth.

# Over $70 million directed to North Minneapolis to respond to the foreclosure crisis.

# Slumlords Accountability Program--revoking licenses of problem slumlords.

# West Broadway Alive--revitalizing North Minneapolis' Main Street

# Washington Boulevard Plan--making Washington Avenue into a grand, pedestrian friendly boulevard.


# 28 percent decrease in violent crimes and over 40 percent reduction in youth violence.

# 35 percent drop in homicide since 2006 and only five homicides citywide through June 2009.

# Authored anti-loitering ordinance to help remove drug dealers from our streets.

# Grocery Store Task Force--closed Big Stop, Uncle Bills and Wafanas, stores which together generated 2,500 calls to 911 per year.

# Helped steer the entire Police Technology Budget (over $1.3 million) to North Minneapolis.

# Acquired "shot spotter" with an integrated camera system--in these monitored areas, crime has fallen 63 percent.

(End of text from the back of the flyer)

(JNS editorial note: the flyer says "Uncle Bills" and "Wafanas." I prefer to use a possessive apostrophe with these names, however, I have seen the names written both ways in the mass media)

The front of the flyer features Don's message to his constituents, as follows:

Friends and Neighbors,

Collaboration and accessibility has been a guiding principal of my public service. Together we have sent the message tht the 5th Ward and its needs will not be ignored. As your Council Member I have built strong public/private partnerships that have brought significant resources to our community. Six years later, these collaborations are transforming our community, and we can see the positive changes in our neighborhoods.

I look forward to continuing to keep 5th Ward residents at the forefront of the City's agenda. With your support this election, I promise that I will continue to be a strong voice for us all.

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