Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Images: 3016 6th St. N. Goes Down, Eco Village Revitalization Marches Forward...

by Jordan Neighbor
JNS Guest Blogger

The JNS International Headquarters has received more images of unstoppable Eco Village Revitalization from JNS Field Correspondent, Jeff Skrenes, Hawthorne Housing Director.

3016 6th St N sacrificed its life for the Eco Village revitalization, as discussed in this previous post. Here are more images of the sacrifice that took place without the usual ceremony of cigars and champagne bottles. This was not a celebratory demolition but its significance is none the less. 3016, you were a great house to lord knows how many. You will be forever memorialized here.

(Do Not Click "Read More" But Do Celebrate Revitalization in NoMi)


The Mortgage Geek said...

I pointed this out in my facebook profile when I posted these pics, but it bears repeating here:

In the second image, you see the contractor raking. It's important to note that he is raking debris AWAY from the nice family's yard next door. He is actually CONSIDERATE of the neighborhood!

Let's contrast that with the behavior of the owner of 2515 3rd St N.

Johnny Northside said...

Yes, for the record, Jeff put this stuff on his Facebook profile before it was on this blog.