Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3018 6th Street North Goes Down...

Photos By John Hoff

So many houses are going down lately, or getting set to go down, it's getting difficult to keep up with the roaring drumbeat of revitalization-through-demolition.

Yesterday, 3018 6th St. N. went down. It was a small green house, and I thought...

It was not such a bad building. Somebody had spent a lot of time putting in parquet wood flooring, and building materials had actually been left behind as though the workmen were off having lunch. I used to make phone calls about this property over and over, due to the unsecured door. I called the company whose number appeared on the lock box, but they had no idea what their lock box was doing there.

At one point, I remember the house was listed at around $24,000. This spring, I noticed the crab apple tree in the front yard was spectacular, with amazing lavender blossoms. The workmen who did the demo took great care not to damage the tree, which was appreciated.

I have pictures of the demolition, which I hope to post in the next few days, but here are some pictures I took day before yesterday when I got word from Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes that "this one is going down."

Next door to 3018 4th St. N is 3020 4th St. N., not to be confused with the infamous 3020 6th St. N. Word is that 3020 4th St. N. is just as doomed as its neighbor. I remember this house for its broken windows--through which squatters entered, constantly--and the messy possessions visible from the front porch. Latex gloves and copies of Maxim magazine. Yeah, what's THAT all about?

Stray cats would hang around on the porch, and some kind soul would feed them. I really hope they check this house well for cats before they hit it with a backhoe.

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