Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Officer Mark Klukow Fills In For The Tooth Fairy...

Photos By John Hoff

This cute interaction happened on Friday, August 14, but I left town for a while and didn't have the photos handy. However, the story is just too precious to let fall by the wayside.

During the Peace Foundation party at Farview Park, a little girl came to Officer Klukow in a state of distress. She'd lost a tooth while frolicking in the park, and when I say "lost" I mean she really, actually lost it. Not only did it come out of her mouth, but the tooth itself disappeared into the grass, gone. The little girl was crying because she had no evidence to present to the tooth fairy and collect money for her piggy bank.

Officer Klukow took charge of the incident and assured the little girl, saying the tooth fairy keeps track of the teeth in your head and actually turning in the tooth is merely a formality. This didn't reassure the little girl enough, so Klukow said he could write out a note on his OFFICIAL POLICE CARD saying the tooth had indeed been lost, and she could turn in that documentation instead of the tooth itself. This seemed somewhat more reassuring to the little girl, but apparently she was hoping for crime scene tape and some kind of Amber Alert.

For the record, if you find a child's tooth in Farview Officer Klukow.

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Jordan Neighbor said...

Does Officer Klukow have any pull with Santa and the Easter Bunny, too?

Maybe this is a resource that NoMi can further explore for our wishlist!!!

"Dear Santa, The residents of NoMi would like a big bag of tranquil city silence this year. And a box of safe streets. And a fresh new shopping corridor on West Broadway. Thank you, Officer Mark Klukow"

Ranty said...