Monday, September 21, 2009

Allen Kathir Takes On Diane Hofstede In Ward 3...

Contributed photo, xoxo
Allen Kathir has gone out of his way to contact me, and he seems like a sincere and likeable candidate. I have my doubts whether he can win against a well-entrenched encumbant like Hofstede, but Kathir and his manager, Rick Brundage, say the door-knocking is going extremely well and they've heard an EARFUL about Hofstede not being overly responsive to constituent needs.

I figured I would just...

...put up this photo of Kathir posing with me near Psycho Suzi's in Northeast, and if anybody wants to make comments about the race in Ward 3, well, have at it. Hopefully, I'll be able to cover this race more at a later time.

Kathir claims that, in the last race, Hofstede spent roughly $40 a voter. Kathir claims that, so far, he has spent around $1,700 in this race and estimates he is being outspent roughly 10-to-1 based on data from a pre-campaign finance report.

I might add that Allen's campaign manager has good taste in Kentucky whiskey.


Anonymous said...

I wish Allen good luck, and he'll need it- he's up against the most popular council member in the city. As you've noticed, Diane Hoffsted has been a regular presence in Hawthorne even though we're only a small chunk of her ward.

Also, noticed your tweet about the "tranny hooker"- careful with the termonology... I got thrown off a well know GLBT blog for using the term "tranny". I guess we're supposed to obey the PC Police and call them "transgender sex workers" or something like that. "Tranny", "transgendered", or otherwise, I've had my fill of hookers and would love to see them banished to a drug treatment program followed by some education so they can learn a useful trade.


Anonymous said...

It will be a tough election for anyone going against Ms. Hofstede, but it is good to see some respectable candidates enter the running. Though I like Ms. Hofstede too, he may have a chance if he her reputation of unresponsiveness (which I have heard too) as an advantage.

It doesn't surprise me, considering some of the racial slurs I have heard from JNS regarding Mr. Slummy, that his prejudices would creep into the GLBT community as well.

Anonymous said...


I know plenty of people in Hawthorne who would say the exact opposite about Hofstede; that she hasn't really been around in our neighborhood when it matters and is not overly responsive.

What I hear is that when constituents of the third ward call Samuels or Johnson, we get a quicker and more accurate response than we do from OUR OWN councilperson. Sad.

That being said, Hofstede is a DFL-endorsed incumbent, with no high-profile opposition. For better or worse, she'll probably win re-election.

Anonymous said...

Wow. If you get a quicker response from Johnson I would be shocked. Maybe that's why she can't deal with ward 5 issues because she is so busy in other places. She is so out of touch with our community! Hopefully one of the other candidates will be able to wrench that city council seat from the Johnson family. I'm not terribly familiar with your ward but up here ward 4 we are in desperate need of some fresh blood!

John said...

Heres something for your 4th Ward readers

Tuesday, September. 22nd, at 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Salem Lutheran Church (Dupont and 42nd)
There are four candidates running for the City Council seat.
Candidates: Grant Cermak, Marcus Harcus, Barbara A. Johnson, Troy Parker
The Minneapolis League of Women Voters will facilitate the meeting.
Information about “Ranked Choice Voting” will be available.
Don't miss this chance to tell your public servants-and those who would like to be-how you feel about the problem properties,drugs and other issues on our blocks.In case they've forgotten-and it seems they have-Lets Remind Them

"Lets be Part of the Solution,Not part of the Problem"

John said...

Property Crimes Forum-Thurs-9/24/09-6:30-8pm, Folwell Community Center Gym1615 Dowling Ave.North

You are invited to join Council Member Barbara Johnson and Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan for an informational Property Crimes Forum.
Staff from the Mpls Police Dept. and other public safety personnel,including prosecutors,will be discussing crime statistics and crime prevention strategies.

Rick said...

For those of you interested more in Allen, check out the campaign website:

Allen has been making an effort to talk to the North Minneapolis community. I know it is something that Allen is committed to - that every voice deserves to be heard in the policy process - it generally leads to better policy (and fewer lawsuits that the city has to deal with).

In addition to being involved on campus, Allen was an active Commissioner on the Minneapolis Civil Rights Committee. Cam Gordon said about him in a recent article about him in the daily, "He [Allen] is young, enthusiastic and motivated, and I think he is an asset."

Allen has also pledged to respond to messages within 24 hours - something that Diane hasn't done for a number of community members.

Allen has public safety experience and knows how to work with businesses and community members to make Ward 3 a better place.

I think he deserves a look as first choice on your ballot on November 3rd.

Johnny Northside said...

A historical footnote to that photo, above: some weeks after that photo was taken, a guy was shot dead there in a broad daylight shooting. That was the car wash in Northeast where this shooting took place, here is a link: