Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rumors Of A Renovation Coming To Halek's Bar...

Photo By Jeff The Bartender (lower left)

So a couple of nights ago I went out with some friends to Donny Dirk's Zombie Bar--where we discussed ideas for revitalization in the Eco Village, mostly.

I mean, we get together, we consume beverages, we roast things on bonfires, and all we talk about is revitalization, housing market, the social impact of blogging, new marketing ideas for NoMi, colorful neighborhood association politics...

And then I drive, because I'm the designated driver who has ONE drink or NONE drinks.

One or none. One or the other.

On this particular night, there was talk of going to Halek's Bar, simply because I'd never been there before. So we wandered around the corner...it seemed very dark, very far away...and went inside Halek's, where we met Jeff the bartender. Jeff said he'd done a lot to keep order in the bar and eject the rough element, and now there was talk of...

Improvements being made at the establishment.

Oddly enough, we were only at Halek's because we'd been at Donny Dirk's. If Donny Dirk's was still the den of iniquity known as Stand Up Franks, we never would have been at Halek's because we'd've never been at Stand Up Franks. That night, we were trying to start a trendy bar hopping thing all by ourselves, dreaming of the day when Halek's and the former "Johnny A's" bar are as hot, as happening as Donny Dirk's and trendsters would hop from bar to bar, probably after a Twins game at the new stadium. And then they'd go home...to their houses in NoMi, bought low but gaining value by leaps and bounds.

Halek's was pretty cool. Ancient sports trophies lined the wall from eons ago. It was obvious sports teams still organize around Halek's, but the feeling of faded glory hung like a thick layer of dust on the trophy cobwebs. Nowadays sports bars need numerous large screen televisions of the newest kind, piping in sports yuppies like, such as world soccer championships.

But who knows what great new things will be coming to Halek's in the near future?

Hopefully, they'll keep Jeff the bartender...though I suspect they may make him shave.

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cfors said...

Glad you all checked it out-- I have been wondering about that place! We do need a place were my bf can wear a baseball hat :-)