Friday, September 25, 2009

Rumor Has It Suspect Pointed Gun At Officer, Fled...

At about 11:15 last night, driving around after the highly-successful Hawthorne Neighborhood Council annual meeting and dinner (did I mention I was re-elected to the board?) intense police activity was noticable on the south side of W. Broadway, around Golden Valley Road, Irving, James, Girard.

Police had an area of many square blocks blockaded with squad cars, and...

...a police helicopter hovered above. On West Broadway, two young male suspects were briefly detained and released. In one area, police appeared to hover intensely over computers on the hood of a squad car, and that particular location seemed to be a kind of command post for the incident, whatever the incident was.

A resident on Hillside Ave. N. took this amatuer video of a police helicopter hovering low. One source says the "official rumor" is that a suspect pointed a gun at an officer, then fled. The officer was not injured. Word is police went door-to-door searching for the suspect. This is all unconfirmed.

If anybody has information on the incident, please feel free to post it.


Anonymous said...

Here is the news report from WCCO.

Suspects Escape After Pointing Gun At Officer MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) ―

Police in Minneapolis are looking for two men on the loose, one of which police said pointed a gun at an officer.

The incident began with a call made to police late Thursday evening about someone possibly brandishing a gun.

In response, officers stopped a Suburban-style vehicle along 18th Avenue North in Minneapolis.

Police said the two men inside the SUV took off running before officers could even get out of their squad car. A chase on foot ensued.

One of the two men pointed a gun in the direction of the chasing officer, who in turn fired several rounds.

Police said they're not sure if anyone was hit. They are still searching for the suspects.

Sgt. Jesse Garcia said he doesn't believe the officer will be placed on standard paid administrative leave, since it appears no one was actually shot.

Johnny Northside said...

Thank you!

And God Bless The Fourth Precinct.

Jeanie Hoholik said...

Congrats on your board re-election!

Johnny Northside said...

This was apparently the incident:



*14XX 18th Av N Thursday
09-24-09 22:16 hrs 09-304350*

AP1/Reyes, David - mixed race male 25 yrs.(goatee), AP2/Spencer, Christopher
-BM 28 yrs., AP3/Pratt, Primas-BM 22 yrs. caught w/BERETTA, 9mm, semi-auto
pistol 5" BBL Mfg./Ackk Md USA. AP2 and AP3 were in vehicle when Officers
stopped them. AP3 fled on foot/chased/pointed handgun at Officers and escaped
on foot. AP2 was ID'd as pointing a gun at 2 juveniles on 9-25-09. A short time
later, AP2 and AP3 were caught in alley. AP1 was cited/released.